About the Game

Procedurally Generated Galaxy

All the content in the game is procedurally generated while the player explores. Wherever you go, you will always find new places, ships and factions.

A space ship in looking into a sector with asteroids, an asteroid mine and a planet

Procedural Space Ships and Stations

Space ships and stations in Avorion are procedurally generated, based on styles. Different ships that have the same style as a basis will resemble one another.

A procedurally generated station with rings

Space Sandbox - Explore, Build, Trade, Wage Wars

You're free to do everything you want to: Explore, mine, trade, help others, build up an army, go to war, be a pirate, raid helpless freighters. Do whatever suits your playstyle!

A space ship in looking into a bright, sunny sector with a shipyard, asteroids and some ships

Build Your Own Ship - Or Fleet

You can build your own personal ship just as you wish to. There will be seven different materials, each with different properties and dozens of blocks enabling you to build your perfect ship.

A large space ship

Combat And Space Warfare

The galaxy gets more dangerous and hostile the nearer you get to the core. Upgrade your ships with new materials, turrets and systems and fight your way to the core to unravel the galaxies' secrets!

A space ship in an asteroid field that gets hit by dozens of rockets


Avorion will feature co-op multiplayer. Play with your friends, team up to build stations together, destroy enemy factions and pirates, or meet your pals in large PvP battles!

Two large ships flying next to each other

Mine Asteroids - Build Your Fleet

Be a miner, be a scavenger: The resources necessary for building ships are gathered by mining asteroids or looting old ship wrecks. Collect enough credits to build up enormous space ships!

A small drone shooting its mining lasers on an asteroid to mine it

Trade and Diplomacy

Find profitable trading routes and trade with other factions, fight pirates, or become a pirate yourself by preying on freighters and stealing their goods!

A factory station before a planet

Creative Freedom

Players can either build their ships themselves or let them be generated by the game. Blocks can be arbitrarily scaled and ships have no maximum size limit, so go ahead and build that large battleship you've always dreamed of!

A large space-city-like station built by a player


Avorion is currently in active development.

If you're eager to know about development updates, be sure to follow @koonschi on Twitter, that's the place where most of the juicy dev updates (like features, screenshots or videos) will be posted.


Our kickstarter campaign was successful, and we raised about €17,000!
A huge thanks to all our backers!


Great news! The game has been greenlit and is now available on Steam.
Please note that it is still in Early Access.


We have also prepared a free demo that you can try before buying the full version.

Demo Features

  • Building Mode
  • Starting Area Including Multiple Explorable Sectors
  • Space Combat
  • Trading and Factories
  • Multiplayer

  • Download Demo

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    About the Team

    Konstantin 'koonschi' Kronfeldner

    Inventor of Avorion, jack of all gamedev trades, coder and driving force of the game. Big fan of c++, Star Wars and heavy metal music. He's the main Avorion game designer, idea maker and in charge of the gameplay development and performance. Nick is pronounced 'konshi', just in case you were wondering.

    Philipp 'Qui_Sum' Erhardt

    Gifted with a calm, analytical mind, he's the one who always knows what to do when things get stuck or out of control. Walking library for all things unix and technical, Philipp is the dev for tools, linux, backend and graphics features. Master of silly puns. He also wrote his own pdf viewer.

    Hannes Kretzer

    Since Hannes has been present for years in the ambient music scene, he's the perfect choice for the composer of Avorion's music. Our personal musical expert, lover of cookies and permanent source of positive energy.


    Konstantin developed Avorion from scratch for over four years as a hobby. Several free demos were released over the first years and a community formed around the game.

    Two years into the development, Konstantin met Hannes, who turned out to be a perfect fit for the music composer of Avorion, and who was happy to provide his skills for the game.

    After a year of radio silence, where some really urgent works of refactoring, reworking, tinkering and graphical enhancements had to be done, a trailer was made and the game was put on Steam Greenlight in December 2015. Only 9 days later the game was greenlit.

    After the positive reception on Steam Greenlight and determined to take the game to the next level, the former one-man-team was extended by a new member: Philipp, aka. Qui_Sum.

    After sorting things out, the team will now be working towards the first real release of the game.