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Author Topic: [r7854] Further Lag, Build Feel and Other Issues  (Read 806 times)

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[r7854] Further Lag, Build Feel and Other Issues
« on: March 30, 2017, 04:16:15 PM »
First off, solid build. 4 and a half hours of sectors filled with poor man's salvage, faction wars and general mayhem with a few hiccups is quite impressive. There aren't many games in my library that can boast such rock solid baseline behavior.

The continuing saga of Lag:

When we last met our intrepid hero he was causing all manner of hallucinations and time wasting...

-Large Asteroids and Large Salvages are *much* improved. Momentary pops are the norm and nothing to write home about.
-Small ships and asteroids are fine, no issues except the ones listed below which are global in nature IMO.

There are some specific cases of stutter and lag that can cause some hold the desk please don't CTD anxiety:

-In sectors with a lot of pieces parts, ships, ammo flying etc. messages on the right and pirate/alien ships warping in can cause some big stutter/FPS drops.

-It strikes me that when I have the Left mouse button held down (mining, salvaging, firing etc) this stuttering becomes much more pronounced.

-I did not notice the game performance degrading over time. Stutter/Stumble/Lag felt entirely tied to amount of stuff flying, whether I was actively pressing buttons, especially the Left mouse button and what the game was trying to with regard to messages, rewards or enemies arriving.

I run the game with fog as low as it'll go but with 2x sampling. I like the detail but trying to see through pea soup is not for me.

There are some game play issues I want to address, is there one place better than others where that stuff should go..? An example would be the traveling merchants and how they pop in at the silliest times.

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