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Halcyon MSV-7
« on: April 21, 2017, 04:50:02 PM »
Welcome visitors,

I would like to show you my work on an redesign from the Destiny from OnePercent at this forum.


I named the ship Halcyon like the bird. But that the shape of the ship and the colors are almost matching the bird was more an accident but a nice one :)

First picture:
Spoiler: show

Second picture:
Spoiler: show

After ~2-3 weeks of optimizing the complete movement in battle and between asteroids. Redesigning internal systems multiple times. Reworking hull at many spots several times and make light gaps complete as possible. This Multisituationvessel can handle anything in any difficulty and can be used in any Slotsize with minimum material of Naonite.

I have scaled it for 5 Slots, 10 Slots and different Materials and mixed them, 15 Slots with Mixed Materials and Trinium/Avorion complete.

The bigger the ship the slower it is. On the pictures you can see the data of the biggest one. If you use it with 5 Slots you are flying an Fighter with 4 rad/s² movements.

First picture: In the head are many smaller Thrusters. Crewarea is behind the Head under the Black middlesection. Behind/Under the Crewarea are all kind of techs until the back completely under the black hull. The Wings are filled with Thrusters, Gyros etc. With a large Batteryarea.
Second picture: Behind the black hull is the freightroom. It ends with the Armorline around it.

About the Numbers: Without Officers and Crew for Weaponry and Mining you need at lvl 3 for 130% performance at least ~3100 Crewmen with a minimum Cost of about 875.000 cr/h. On the pictures aren't any Mods equipped. So yes with 2 Shield mods you can reach easy 20 million Shields. But i never used one even at Insane Difficult. You can add two big Hangars under the Wings if you like or one under the freighter area. Also you can change some areas into something you need more from. Like the crewblocks into generators or batteries. There is always some room for changes. I changed about 1000 blocks some twice or triple and I added about 500 blocks here the same several multiple times.

About Building Costs: For an almost full Avorion 15 Slots Ship with Ogonite or Trinium Armor it is = ~66 mio Credits, 105.000 Trinium/Ogonite and about 4 mio Avorion. If you go for an Xanion Ship it is = ~39 mio Credits, 560.000 Iron, 105000 Trinium and about 3,4 mio Xanion.

I hope you will enjoy my creation and it may help you to reach your goals in this very nice game!


Edit: I changed picture availability... sorry i thought it is automatic easier to see the ship. Now it should be better.

2. Edit: Soon in this week I will release another creation completely selfmade. It will be a big challenge to do this and to use it in the game. I am wondering myself how good this could work.

Actual progress is about 20% with 2000 boxes after 1 Day.
40% with 4000 at Day 2.
~50% now with 5300 parts at Day 3 its a pain in the ass... all parts have been placed twice and triple...If i would post some pictures it won't be an surprise :) but be sure its BIG ... still hope its flyable...because of asteroids and such.
Not much happened today. I had to rework about 1000 parts... 5500 at all now at Day 4.
A lot of small blocks have been placed and i am a lot further now. I try to tease something from my ship tomorrow if time let me. ~70% 12400 parts at Day 5.
Today i did nothing but thinking about the actual design. One part is very good the other not. Talking about 40% of the actual ship (70%). I think i have to rework parts for several days work. and start almost new with it. its like center is nice, arms are ugly and the forefront pikes are becoming a beauty...so Day 6 right now 0% until i decide how much i have to go back and make an godlike work. Sorry you have to wait some time longer but its worth it. thats why it have to be almost.... perfect... i will update this topic with an new post and screenshots if i'm ready for an teaser.

Thx for reading this mates. I hope my first bigger partial creation are something you enjoy. I would be happy if someone could tell me some critic doesn't matter if + or -.
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