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Author Topic: Request for more information about transfer of playerdata between galaxies  (Read 526 times)


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This update should have introduced a way to transfer player data between galaxies so players can keep their progress between wipes.

We tried to do so and ended up with corrupting a few players, they and their alliances would get messed up with factions once they left their ship. It also seems that the player.dat files themselves are linked to an index, because the console would find conflicting files and some factions were given player IDs (below 200000).

Therefore it would be valued by us if we could get some explanation on how to safely transfer player data between galaxies, as we now have to do it all once again to get rid of the problems caused by ^.

I'm also sure others could benefit from this if there are clear instructions beforehand, instead of them having to find out themselves by trial and error.