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Question to the Developers
« on: July 17, 2017, 01:57:44 AM »
Did something change in the way that the game interprets the translate tags on the Lua files? Specificly I'm asking about the "%_t" tags. As far as I know, these tags are used as a "catchphrase" by the game code to look for a translation if I'm correct. However, I noticed that some of the lines I've written are translated even though they don't use "%_t". I guess the game uses a translation if it is available, without regarding the "%_t" but if that is the case why do we have these tags everywhere?

Moreover, I was wondering another thing, related to the same tags again. Before on the Lua side, I was able to do something like this and it'd get translated:
Code: [Select]
dirString = dir.name%_tThis working made me believe that translation tags were executed after the Lua was done with them, however in the Gate.lua directions now have some extra in their names. But my previous observation led me to believe that something like this would've worked
Code: [Select]
dirString = dir.name.." /*direction*/"%_tThe thing above doesn't work though. Something might've changed, or the translating part of the code doesn't like ".." perhaps, but anyway.

Both of my questions boil down to one thing actually. How do these tags work?
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