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Author Topic: Xsotan Artifacts not triggering visuals at asteroid bases to open the core gate.  (Read 629 times)


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Playing on a friends private server. Gate works but a weird visual problem, no visual indication you are positioned correctly.

8 artifacts on board, #1 artifact fitted, asteroid base #1, range 0, no light. Same at #2, #3 , #4 etc with #2,#3, and #4 fitted.

Opposite side of the galaxy, another 8 Xsotan asteroid base system. Repeat above. No lights. Change Bloom etc to check not a visual issue. No change.

Pop into a base iron drone ship, try again and no change in the result.

The gate opens but no graphical indicators.

Pics attached



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Same issue. It gave me fits but someone helped me and told me it was a bug. It works, it's just confusing as heck for a new player.