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Author Topic: [0.12.7] Insurance Exploit (Huge Profits)  (Read 506 times)


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[0.12.7] Insurance Exploit (Huge Profits)
« on: August 12, 2017, 04:54:34 PM »
Another big exploit found, it's becoming time to actually address these exploits because they can ruin the already messed up balance on multiplayer servers.
(See https://www.avorion.net/forum/index.php?topic=3724.0 for another game breaking exploit.)

- Build a small ship at a shipyard and select the station founder and captain checkbox.
- Add a huge block of any resource type worth a considerable amount (millions in credits/resources).
- Make sure to have full insurance.
- Found any station type, cheapest is 3.5m.
- While founding the station it destroys the old ship, triggering the insurance.
- Collect money from insurance (profit).
- Destruct station in build mode to get initial resources back.
- Rinse and repeat for huge profits, the bigger the added blocks the higher the profit.

So what happens is that the old ship is destroyed when transforming to the new station, instead it should be deleted so that it won't trigger the insurance anymore.