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Author Topic: Fighter control improvements  (Read 129 times)


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Fighter control improvements
« on: April 17, 2018, 02:35:39 AM »
Posting this on the main forum since it didn't seem to garner any attention on the steam page.

I was browsing through the roadmap today and noticed that the dev team doesn't have a listed plan for changing the way fighters work in avorion, and I have a fairly simple suggestion for this!

If you're anything like me when flying a carrier, you'll definitely have a healthy amount of fighters loaded up and ready for action at a minutes notice, weather these be a wing of interceptors, bombers, salvagers, miners, you name it! But this also means that controlling your wonderful ball of death is a real pain in the♥♥♥♥♥with the current command system in place for fighters!

My suggestion is frankly simple, allow fighters to be assigned to groups! This would reduce the amount of orders required to get your full compliment of fighters into action as quickly and efficiently as possible! Simply keep the current control system for fighters, but allowing us to set groups to command instead of 12 individual wings!

To break this down to it's bare bones, I believe that combining two already in-game systems, the weapon group and fighter control features, would allow us to group multiple wings of fighters into one commandable group, which would have a couple nice features to come along with it, and could be used in a few different ways!

A) First would be just flat out simplifying the system, and keeping it essentially the same as I said before, retaining the same system of giving orders, but giving them to assigned groups to reduce the amount of actions required to get your fighters into the frey!

B) Weapon groups! Allowing fighter wings and groups to be assigned to weapon groups to even further hasten fighter deployment, allow multiple wings to be set to one weapon group, where pressing the assigned weapon group key launches and recovers the wings assigned to it, with the left click being used as an attack order, and the right click being used as a defend order, allowing the player to quickly and easy set fighters to attack enemies, or defend friendlies, including the player themselves!

C) Similarly to B, have the fighters being assigned to weapon groups, but instead of the simple structured commands listed in B, the pressing and holding of the weapon group brings up a command wheel with all currently available commands used for fighters, thus eliminating the issue of constantly having to hold the alt key and select each invalidly order!

Those are my thoughts on simplifying and improving the way fighters work in Avorion, it's a long read but I look forward to seeing what folks think! I love my carriers and would be super happy to see a little more love given to the interface!


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Re: Fighter control improvements
« Reply #1 on: April 20, 2018, 06:39:11 AM »
I believe the interface is already good. And it could be better if add one more shortcut to command all active squad.


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Re: Fighter control improvements
« Reply #2 on: April 21, 2018, 07:06:05 AM »
Comfy i think its a nice ida because it would make live a lot easier. However how did you plan leaving the fighters to the job and give orders to the next group without the first group cancelling their order and accepting the new one for the other group?

Sdauw i think its not because its annoying (alt key etc) and i think these ideas are a good idea because their easy and still let you have all groups seperate, a few groups or just all.

One slight problem, 10 is a really bad amount for this, bacause when making seperate groups you can choose 10,5 or 2 as amount of groups. You could use 9 and have one constantly on defend but i think 12 squads would be better, and thats not because i just want more fighters.
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