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Author Topic: [EU&US] Rusty's Universe Servers [Semi-Vanilla|PvE/CorePvP|Semi-OP] Updated 29/7  (Read 13858 times)


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EU servers wiped
« Reply #60 on: August 12, 2017, 01:28:28 AM »
Both modded EU servers have been wiped so enjoy a fresh galaxy!
The US server won't be wiped yet as that galaxy hasn't been running for that long, most area's are still reasonably fresh.

Dirtyredz has been working hard on a mod to regenerate claimable asteroids over time so that should help considerably with the durability and persistance of the galaxy. We also have a mod planned that will regenerate the content of sectors over time, which could possibly eliminate the need for a wipe due to the galaxy being farmed clean!

I think that is awesome news as that really is something the vanilla game is lacking.

Anyway, enjoy the freshly wiped servers and let's hope that we don't have to wipe anytime soon again :)


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Our US and EU servers have been wiped and updated to the latest Beta branch (the fighters patch) ENJOY!!
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