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Author Topic: [EU&US] Rusty's Universe Modded Servers [PvE/CorePvP] Wiped: 14 April  (Read 25166 times)


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The servers have been wiped and the new modpack has been uploaded to the #information_rules channel. (See the link in my signature for our Discord.)

Before I conclude the changes to the modpack, I would like to point out that US1 will be moved to the machine that was previously hosting US3, so the IP will change.
US3 was previously used for testing purposes alongside US1, but now it's not getting the love it deserves being an overclocked server.
Therefore US1 will be hosted there for now, which should bring better performance as it previously did. This also means US2 runs on it's own machine, so win win there.
This could also give us room for a full PvP server, as there have been requests for that. But I'd rather see the PvP aspect being fleshed out more before going that way so more on that later.

* The new IP to connect to US1 is:* *Note that us1.rusty-universe.com will not work for now.

The changes for this modpack are:

- Re-installed Asteroid Mover, we might have been running an older version that gave the issues with asteroids.
- Disabled complexes and carrier commander due to the ongoing issues, both can be pretty easily re-enabled for SP and other servers, ask me for more information if you want to do that!
- Disabled utility stations to be seen as goods consumers, this hopefully fixes exploit behaviour. Not well tested so for those aware, please let us know if you find something!
- Re-enabled NPC fighters now that anti fighter turrets are in the game, lag shouldn't be much of an issue anymore.
- Lastly, player and alliance owned stations will be no longer under online protection on the CorePvP servers. For now offline protection is still in place, once the reputation system between players works so that the AI captains flying player ships can agro on other players, we can remove that last bit of protection.

Thank you for your time and I hope everyone will have a fun time on this new galaxy!