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Multiplayer / Servers wiped and updated
« Last post by Devious on Today at 08:08:51 PM »
All the servers have been wiped and updated,

here is a list of changes since my last post on the forum.

Modpack version 5.0.13
    --Fighters fixed to collect resouces only again. (Laserzwei)
    --Fixed error in safe mine. (Laserzwei)
    --Intergrated new Carrier Commander (Laserzwei)
    --Fixed repeating Hyperblocker error.
    --Fixed Dirty-Buoys being able to be entered.
    --Uodated complex stations mod increasing turret cap.
    --added goto command for admins.
    --Changed admincmds to dev, use /dev to add entitydbg, type again to remove. For admins only, obviously.
    --Added Max-Non-Minable asteroids to Regenerative Asteroid Sectors, default to 1500, let me know if this is to little.
    --Decreased amount of space FactionNotifier for MoveUI uses, and adjusted dynamic size increases.
    --Added Notepad UI to MoveUI's
    --NPC Carriers are generated without fighters.

Modpack version 5.1.0
    --Configered LargerAsteroids mod from 3-5 times to 2-3 times larger then normal.
    --CrewTransportAuthority ships now have static relationships to everyone.
    --CrewTransportAuthority should not annoy you if you did not summon them when you enter a sector.
    --Updated MoveUI
    --Added TextBox input for CrewTransport.
    --Added NoAttackInvincible a mod to stop xsotan and AI factions from attacking invincible stations/ships.
    --Side effect of NoAttackInvincible, Xsotan will not attack drones
    --Added ClearSector command for admins to quickly clear a sector, use /clearsector help for more info
    --Added ServerMessageDisplay, Displays Server Message to the HUD.
    --Added mod RenameShip, allows you to rename any ship or station

Modpack version 6.0.0
    --Removed 60% reduction of set respawn point since vanilla has dropped it to 50% by defualt
    --Removed OOSP, vanilla has a 90+% features of what OOSP added. Special thanks to Laserzwei for his continued work to keep OOSP alive.
    --Transfered any mods attached to sector.lua to sector/init.lua
    --Maintained 0 NPC Fighters for now, lets see how the servers handle all the new weapons/features
    --Disabled DirtySecure's offline protection, lets see how the new server config feature works out.
    --Restored tooltip script to vanilla.
    --Modified Persecutor script to not attack invincible stations.

Modpack version 6.0.1
    --Updated Minecorp to no longer use StationDescriptor on Sector Generation. (this appears to be the cause of the players CTD)
    --Fixed bug in Persecutor script.
    --Fixed bug in NoAttackInvincible mod.

As of always, find more information and the modpack through our Discord!
Bugs / Torpedo firing/hits do not aggro xsotan
« Last post by Shadowflare on Today at 08:05:25 PM »
Shooting torpedos at xsotan does not aggro them. Even hitting or destroying them. (I hit one with 4 nuclear torpedos) and the surviving ones remained neutral.
Modpack has been updated to v5.0.12

    --Added Krelsis|YT Formatted Costs to Minecorp Mines, Thxs.
    --Added TrashMan Mod by Multox.
    --Updated Adv.Shipyards, Thxs Laserzwei.
    --Added check to player init failure in hyperblocker.
    --Increased Docking and Trading Distances.
    --Widened PowerSystems Ui a little.
    --Updated Complex Mod to 0.90c Thxs Laserzwei.
    --Updated CarrierCommand Mod to intermediate changes, laserzwei still working on the bigger update.

We have also opened up a second CorePvP server for EU, thanks to xrizenx for letting us use his server. Reason for this were some crashes and lag issues while the main CorePvP server was at full load.

See our Discord for the IP.

Can i ask how did you increase dock and trading distance? it'd be extremely useful currently for the buggy cargo haulers.

Docking range doesn't affect that unfortunately, should be fixed in one of the recent patches tho.
Bugs / Re: Driving into own Torps
« Last post by Shadowflare on Today at 07:34:15 PM »
Not to mention that not only do they hit from behind (they shouldn't), it's also squarely on the center axis of my ship (should just pass over me harmlessly once it caught up if it did the javelin style launch that the animation even shows.
Bugs / Re: Driving into own Torps
« Last post by NaBeev on Today at 07:28:26 PM »
I misunderstood the problem. So you're saying that torpedoes are not launched with an initial velocity equal to the ship's, but rather are launched with a 0 m/s reference frame (the sector) velocity and then accelerate towards own ship from behind since they start from behind. I understand. Yeah, that is an issue...
Bugs / Re: Driving into own Torps
« Last post by Shadowflare on Today at 07:18:46 PM »
Just to entertain the possibility that self hits were the cause of the vertical launch, I made a new ship with nothing behind the launcher that the torp could get caught on:

Launching at around 700 m/s, the torps actually impact the rear of my ship, squarely on the engine.
Bugs / Re: Driving into own Torps
« Last post by Shadowflare on Today at 06:55:46 PM »
It occasionally generates crashes when this occurs. More frequent when done with stingers that can one shot you. That being said, driving into your own, forward fired torps makes -zero- sense as they should inherit the velocity of the firing ship. So, yes I am 100% serious.
Mathematically, at T-0 of firing, if my torp has 613 acceleration, and I am moving 614, the torp should also be moving 614 (in order for me to reach these velocities on my test ship however, a booster is used and I am actually -losing- velocity as I am not holding the booster down, merely getting to slightly above 613 and then firing. (still decelerating) if the torpedo inherited velocity, if I am moving 613, and it is accelerating 613 (assuming in seconds based on the tooltip) it should be 600+ meters ahead of me after one second, so unless in that one second I accelerated an additional 613 or more, I should never hit it.

Finally, with regard to seriousness, with the way that launcher is oriented, it fires up and away from the top of my ship. If I am only moving through space on one axis, it should move parallel to me on a plane slightly above my ship, and thus, again should never hit it. (as the torps follow the path of the arrow kind of like a weird javelin style launch)

If an astronaut on the ISS (moving 17,150 mph) lets go of a wrench in midair, it does not immediately tear through the nearest wall as the station moves away from it, it inherits the velocity and vector of the vehicle, just as the person who was holding the wrench inherited that velocity. (in this case the ISS) The only way I could see it hitting my own vehicle is if someone manually and very slowly pushed the torp out of the tube and it hit that like..... .2 of block behind it, which should never happen if I am decelerating. At the very minimum, the torps need a minimum distance traveled to arm, etc. But...the torp has thrusters that accelerate it out of that tube at 613 meters per second...so..
Bugs / Re: Driving into own Torps
« Last post by NaBeev on Today at 06:54:11 PM »
Intentionally driving into your own torpedo isn't a bug - it is piss poor piloting. Is this post trying to be serious or funny?

For your second part about the bleeding over I understand, but the first part is a joke, right?
NPC factions should have defense platforms spawned in their commerce/industrial/capital areas, especially areas with lots of stations. A scrapyard off the beaten path probably doesn't warrant one of these. Basically just stations with a number of tier/size 3 turrets (long ranged artilley/railguns/seeker launchers), a few torpedo launchers and a couple hangar bays. When NPCs start to lose stations/lots of civilian ships, they should call in reinforcements similar to when a faction war starts. (to stop pirates and xsotan from endlessly wearing down a sector you happen to be sitting in.)

Basically if a sector has...5 local defense ships, if they lose 3 of them (more than half) you should get a sensor reading saying "The enemy has called reinforcements! They'll be here soon!" and then sometime after in a randomly determined interval, the reinforcements should show up."

The long range of weapons on defense platforms should act as deterrents, and they should be positioned at generation close to clusters of other structures, to defend them better. (basically, a group of three pirates shouldn't stand a chance if they are trying to raid near one of these)

Once we get coaxial weapons (big gauss cannons, etc) perhaps have those spawn as defense satellites for some stations, heavy hitting, not a ton of HP, but again long range. (basically a small/tiny station with a coax weapon and is able to rotate via a gyro)
Gameplay Discussion / Re: The State of Avorion, As I See It
« Last post by Shadowflare on Today at 06:40:50 PM »
I absolutely love the concept of directional shields. Can we get this?
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