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Mods / Re: [Mod][Event] Xsotan Dreadnought
« Last post by Hammelpilaw on Today at 08:14:31 PM »
Updated mod to version 0.3.0
- Added support for being used as plugin for MilitaryMissions mod.- Bugfixes
Mods / Re: [Mod] MilitaryMissions (contains "Pirate Warlord")
« Last post by Hammelpilaw on Today at 07:43:07 PM »
Mods / [Mod] MilitaryMissions (contains "Pirate Warlord")
« Last post by Hammelpilaw on Today at 07:41:08 PM »

To me it was always frustrating that missions from military outpost was hard coded in the Merchant script, or to say it in easy words: adding new missions to military outpost is not very nice in vanilla game. So I created a mod wich makes you able to add new missions to military outpost as plugins. That's what this mod basicly does.

As an example plugin this mod contains the old but gold modded mission "Pirate Warlord" by Theoman02.

Also it is possible to add the mod XsotanDreadnought as a plugin for this mod.


Extract contents of the Avorion directory in zip file into your local Avorion directory.

Add the following code to the very bottom of the file `data/scripts/entity/merchants/militaryoutpost.lua`:

Code: [Select]
if not pcall(require, 'mods.MilitaryMissions.scripts.entity.merchants.militaryoutpost') then print('Mod: MilitaryMissions, failed to extend militaryoutpost.lua!') end
Optional: Configuration

Take a look into the file `mods/MilitaryMissions/config/MilitaryMissionsConfig.lua`. There some settings in the Config section to balance the pirate warlord mission.

Optional: Activate XsotanDreadnought
If you are using the XsotanDreadnought mod you can use it as plugin for the military outpost. Just open the config file (path above). Find the XsotanDreadnought settings in Missions section and remove the leading "--". The comments in the file will help you.
Requires XsotanDreadnought 0.3.0 or higher!

Add new missions
To add a new mission you need 2 files: `yourmission.lua` and `yourmissionBulletin.lua`. Replace "yourmission" by the mission name.

It does not matter where you place these files, but you should keep file structure. I recommand to create a new mod directory: `mods/yourmission/scripts/player/missions/`.

Add the path to the bulletin file below the "Custom missions below" comment. The syntax is like this:

Code: [Select]
{bulletin = "mods/yourmission/scripts/player/missions/yourmissionBulletin"},
Important is not to change any signs of that line, only the path and name of your file. Also you must NOT add the .lua part of the filename.

Optional: Configuration for missions

For this step you should watch config file. All vanilla missions, the Pirate Warlord and XsotanDreadnought are already configured correctly.

bulletin = script to bulletin file without lua ending. Required!

You can set optional configurations for every mission:

probability = % chance that outposts offer this missin. Values: 0-100. Leave blank to use 100%
maxDistance = The mission will not be offered when distance to core is below this. Leave blank for not limiting.

Example for using optional values (50% chance to find, max distance from core 250):
Code: [Select]
{bulletin = "mods/yourmission/scripts/player/missions/yourmissionBulletin", probability = 50, maxDistance = 250},

Create a new mission
Guide for craeting new missions may come sooner or later. You may use Pirate Warlord Plugin as axample. Taking a look into some vanilla missions or events may also help.
The XsotanDreadnought can also help, but because it is both, random event and a mission in one script, it's too complicated to be a good example.

This mod overwrites the script of the military outpost, so it should not be compatible with any mod that overwrites the same file. If you already got a modded mission for military outpost you may publish a plugin for this mod to add it to the game.

The mod itself, and especially the included mission "Pirate Warlord" uses some code snippets from "Pirate Warlord" mod by Theoman02.

This mission was designed and coded by Theoman02. I converted it to be a plugin for this mod and and updated for current Avorion version.
As it stands now, turret factory made turrets are way to good. In my opinion, this is because they arent balanced at all. You get the max dps, range and firerate if you just max out all components (with exceptions where less is better). Only  fire rate for cooldown weapons can be usefull to change, so they (almost) dont overheat. This way you get the overpowered weapons wich we all use these days as soon as we can pay for them.

And now my suggestion:

Make turret building function like the fighter mechanic: with points you can spent. The idea is that you can spent points on accuracy, damage, fire rate, range, energy usage and energy increase, and overheat speed.

To make sure the turret facs dont end up all the same i suggest that you give turret factorys a few specialities, like a larger increase in range, damage accuracy etc, wich then can vary between certain bounds so one can still be better than a different factory with the same specialities.

I like the use of goods, so i propose to bind the goods needed to the stats you give your turret. As example: if you improve the amount of damage, the amount of goods (those wich are now needed to improve damage by adding more) increases as well.

This way i think turret factories will still be better than found turrets most of the time, but at least not so overpowered anymore and leads to more ballanced turrets instead of uberturrets, wich are powerfull enough to use just one and then you're capable of killing most enemys there are, except for the strongest of enemys.

Research could be really nicely changed to go with this, by giving a player the option to improve some points of the turrets instead of giving some random turrets: lets say you got 5 exceptional turrets. with fighters the amount of points you can spent on them it is +5 every time the rarity goes up by one. This i do propose to, so you can add extra points to the turret, so it becomes better at a certain point. This way legendary turrets would become what they should be: the pinnacle of weapons, not some random turrets that might be good or not.

Im sorry for the grammar...
Suggestions / Re: Fighter hanger suggestions
« Last post by Wanderer on Today at 08:09:01 AM »
I think to that being able to sell them to equipment docks would be rather nice instead of just destroying them without other options yo get rid of them.
Suggestions / Re: Fighter hanger suggestions
« Last post by DracoNB on Today at 05:25:17 AM »
You can remove them by dragging them to empty space from the hanger window
Suggestions / Fighter hanger suggestions
« Last post by Ericwi on June 17, 2018, 09:31:42 PM »
I would suggest to sell or scrap fighters in the hanger.
Bugs / Inertia Dampener Bug
« Last post by asauhdf on June 17, 2018, 09:24:42 PM »
The brake thrust provided by inertia dampeners is not included in brake thrust calculations ... for the AI. They work perfectly fine when there is a player controlling the ship.

BUT. It appears that the speed of AI ships set to follow you is determined by the ship's brake thrust. As such, ships with bad brake thrust follow you unbelievably slowly.

Said follow AI appears to only use thrusters to steer. Given a ship with good gyro arrays and inertia dampeners, it refused to turn, instead using the sole thruster I used for decoration to try and move laterally.

As an experiment, I took said ship and told it to follow (linearly to prevent said issue). The ship followed at a measly 50 m/s. (had a mix of thrusters and inertia dampeners just in case i was right).
I then replaced all the inertia dampeners with thrusters. Coincidentally, the brake thrust statistic more than halved. The ship followed at ~150 m/s.
Mods / Re: Recticle mod?
« Last post by Devious on June 17, 2018, 03:35:51 PM »
There's no texture for it so I'm afraid it's hard coded.
News / Re: Dev Progress: Combat Update II
« Last post by Devious on June 17, 2018, 03:26:02 PM »
I'm a bit out of the loop here. Can we have an ETA on this update? I'm extremely hyped for this, but have no idea as to the typical release cycle timeline.
Anywhere between now and 3 months when they are supposed to release this game.
Due to all the secrecy from the devs it is hard to say and less and less people still actually care.
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