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Suggestions / Re: Aiming/Scope reticle
« Last post by gn_leugim on Today at 11:46:56 AM »
by default yes! maybe the degree of zooming could be a block or a system, but we should be able to zoom in... to look for those blocks with turrets on to destroy  >:( >:( ;D ;D
Suggestions / Research station upgrade
« Last post by gn_leugim on Today at 11:45:46 AM »
Right now Research station is very helpful, but we cold had a new function to it.

The function would be "replicate turret".

It would work like this:

- One turret would be used as template, that is, one turret that you have, and you want to duplicate/replicate.
- Then either place 3 turrets of the same rarity or 5 of lower rarity.
- press research and if you are lucky, you have a new turret, equal to the template one.


Unlike research, where you either place 3, 4 or 5 items to get one, no matter what (higher rarity if 5, or higher / same rarity if 3 or 4), in this method you either get the turret you want to replicate, at the cost of the 3/5 other turrets, or you get nothing.

if you place the 3 of same rarity, you get a higher chance of success, say 75%, while if you place 5 of lower (only one tier lower will do) you get only 50% for example. This numbers are subject to change ofc. and! the higher the rarity, the lower the success chance it gets.


You would be able to unify your weaponry, recycling turrets you already own.


You can lose a lot of turrets trying to get the new one.

Open to debate ;)

Creations / Request for StarCraft air units
« Last post by Dominus on Today at 08:29:46 AM »
Hello everyone! I love playing avorion but I have problem building ships, I never have been very good at drawing so whenever i try to make one of the ships I want it never end up good. I want to have the Golden Armada from starcraft, in Avorion, but I don't have much time to do that so I don't think I will end up doing it. So I try here, hoping someone who love building ships and has very good skills with detail will suprise me one day with all those units I wish I had. I made a list, first one being the one I'd like first. Thank you have a good day!

Scout : Good fighter, low shield, fast
Pheonix : Good fighter, good shield, fast
Void Ray : Powerful fighter with lasers DPS, good shield
Carrier : Very tanky, very good shield but only uses fighters to attack, slow
Mothership : Not needed really but would be super awesome, I would use it has a factory design
Observer : Very very fast, only used for exploring, would need lot of module slots
Warp Prism : Very fast, would be used for mining/salvaging

General Discussion / Re: Is the ship safe after log-off?
« Last post by Devious on August 17, 2017, 11:18:15 PM »
It's not safe at all, only neutral sectors will provide some protection but that can also be bypassed by pushing your ship to another sector through a gate.
General Discussion / Re: Is the ship safe after log-off?
« Last post by vyalern on August 17, 2017, 09:11:19 PM »
For me its fine, as is more realistic.

So you mean is not safe at all, or just xxx minutes after log off?
General Discussion / Re: Is the ship safe after log-off?
« Last post by Devious on August 17, 2017, 07:55:33 PM »
Your ship is not protected when you log off in vanilla.
Even logging off in a safe sector still keeps the possibility of a player moving your ship through a gate to a normal sector and destroy it there.

On our servers we have a custom mod that protects your ship on logoff. There is also protection against PvP damage outside the center ring on the CorePvP servers and full protection on the PvE server.
General Discussion / Re: Ship class? Frigate / Corvette / Battleship?
« Last post by SageThe13th on August 17, 2017, 02:59:08 AM »
The current version of my system.

Universal Ship Categorization System (U.S.C.S.)

List the material code and system slot code separated by a hyphen/minus sign (-).  Add the ship’s type to the end.  Optionally you can include the ship’s class at the front.

Format: class MM-SS type

Material code: Ir (Iron), Ti (Titanium), Na (Naonite), Tr (Trinium), Xa (Xanon), Og (Oganite), or Av (Avorion)
System slot code: 1-16, f, or b
Role or Type: Whatever you want.  It can be descriptive or just cool sounding.

Ship slot unlocks and preferred ship types:

The system accounts for fighter and carriers even though they currently aren't viable.

Strike Craft
f - fighter (F), fast anti-strike weapons
b - bomber (B), slow anti-ship weapons
Patrol Ships
1 - light gunship (PGL)
2 - 51k m*3 - gunship (PG)
3 - 128k m*3 - light cutter (PCL)
4 - 320k m*3 - cutter(PC)
Escort Ships
5 - 800k m*3 - light corvette (FSL)
6 - 2,000k m*3 - corvette (FS)
7 - 5,000k m*3 - light frigate (FFL), attack transport (APA)
8 - 12,500k m*3 - frigate (FF), auxiliary carrier (ACV)
9 - 19,764k m*3 - escort destroyer (DDE), escort carrier (CVE)
10 - 31,250k m*3 - destroyer (DD), assault carrier (CVA)
Independent Action Ships
11 - 43,065k m*3 - light cruiser (CL), light carrier (CVL)
12 - 59,348k m*3 - heavy cruiser (CA), cruiser-carrier (CCV)
13 - 78,125k m*3 - battlecruiser (BC), medium carrier (CVV)
Capital Ships
14 - 107,554k m*3 - battleship (BB), battle carrier (BCV)
15 - 148,371k m*3 - dreadnought (BD), fleet carrier (CVF)
Super-Capital Ships
16 - 0.2 billion (200,000k) m*3 - superdreadnought (SBD), supercarrier (SCV)  No new slot unlocked but roughly 35% bigger than a 15 slot ship.  Which is worth noting.

Examples: Tr-12 heavy cruiser, Tr-16 mothership, model DD8-Xa-10 destroyer, Vindicator class Av-15 dreadnaught.

Note: Only the first example follows the chart above.
General Discussion / Is the ship safe after log-off?
« Last post by vyalern on August 17, 2017, 02:55:05 AM »

For the third time (I play multi player), after log off in safe areas through safe time, when I come back I realized my ship is destroyed. Are here any special rules or is it a bug?
Multiplayer / Re: Favourite server list - difficult to find at the moment
« Last post by vyalern on August 17, 2017, 02:52:29 AM »

Unfortunately it doesn't work with many servers - it mean no IP provided in this .log file.

So my suggestion to developers:
[1] Favourites servers list
[2] Search option in server list [MUST BE]
[3] Possibility to sort by name (now only works for - how many people and  for PING).

^^ so probably this topic should be in different place :)
Bugs / Re: [0.12.7] Issue with building more than one mine of the same type
« Last post by DoorsMonster on August 17, 2017, 01:52:43 AM »
I use an unmodded avorion and I can confirm the tha same issue here.
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