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Mods / Re: [REQUEST] Jump Bridge Mod
« Last post by Burnthalo on Today at 08:45:01 PM »
one was already made. I don't know if it is finished or even working as of recent patches. but here is the link to thew forum thread
Mods / Re: [MOD] MoveUI v2.1.0
« Last post by Dirtyredz on Today at 08:09:35 PM »
This is an old version,  ill push the current version later today.
Mods / Re: [MOD] MoveUI v2.1.0
« Last post by inpacem on Today at 07:55:17 PM »
Code: [Select]
function Clock.updateClient(timeStep)
  if currentDate then
    currentDate.sec = math.floor(currentDate.sec + timeStep)
    if currentDate.sec >= 60 then
      currentDate.sec = 0
      currentDate.min = currentDate.min + 1
      if currentDate.min >= 60 then
        currentDate.min = 0
        currentDate.hours = currentDate.hour + 1
        -- TODO: add 12/24hr support
        if currentDate.hour >= 24 then
          currentDate.hour = 0
    currentTime = string.format("%02d:%02d:%02d", currentDate.hour, currentDate.min, currentDate.sec)
  AllowMoving = MoveUI.AllowedMoving()

        currentDate.hours = currentDate.hour + 1

Another problem: if you pause the game (ESC in SP) the clock stands still, keeps the time before the pause when you play again....
News / Re: Beta Branch Patch 0.16.0 Patchnotes - Combat Update I
« Last post by Romual on Today at 05:35:16 PM »
I suggest mechanic I've seen elsewhere (Just can't remember where) - Combat Slow-down. What it does - it gives player cruise speed and combat speed. Second one if s percentage of the first and is described as "We redirect power from engines to combat systems". Combat situation, therefore, can be triggered by either:

- Your ship fires
- Your ship takes damage

OR you can go futher and make several ship modes, for example:
- Cruise mode, shields and weapons offline, full speed, full hyperdrive efficiency
- Combat mode, shields up and weapons online, fraction of speed and:
    - Slower hyper-drive
    - Damage upon using it ; Maybe you can even add some extension so you can micro-jump inside the same system
- Stealth mode, since you plan to add cloacing, where shields are offline and engines are at small percentage of their max speed, so you're harder to spot. Weapon are online, since ambusing would be pointless otherwise.

Just make it harder to switch them too fast, with shields needing a recharge (but faster than from damage), weapons priming for a few seconds and engine heating up. And you can add more modes to point out and power some gameplay aspects.

This way you can still use your booster for tactical maneuvers, but disengages would be MUCH slower, unless you're running high speed corvette or something like it. Smaller, faster ships will be great again for hit-and-run tactics, since now big and slow ones will take MINUTES to get completly away from target that is their size, and fast ones will do as they please, engaging and fleeing, but each hit took will give them more problems.
Suggestions / building and repairing ships
« Last post by Kelevra on Today at 05:33:39 PM »
Hello everybody o7

I am someone who loves sci-fi games, and the more they seem to be realistic the better they are to me!
So i have one thing to say: I would love to see us only able to build/upgrade/change ships in shipyards instead of pressing B!!
This would add not just more realism to the game, but also more use of shipyards themselves! Because atm they are only used if you need to craft a ship which is able to found a station... Or to hire crew? Same for repairdock! why is there a repairdock if i can repair all my blocks in space with one click, and all those 300 mechanics working in my ship to repair it are useless.. aren´t they meant to repair the ship while we are "on tour"? so be it then, and if we get our ship wrecked block by block we have to find some place to really repair it instead of holding it together (good job done by our well paid mechanics)! ^^

Same goes for the updates in ships, well integrated in the CPU and ading massive changes to its behaviour we can just switch them like technological gods from a second to another while in battle if we want to have more firepower? And once we have a few we don´t even have to care about what is built in ship because we can change whenever we want to! We don´t have to think about what we want to do because we have this variety of upgrades in cargo.. Here is my suggestion: it´s only available to change while docked to any shipyard, repairdock etc (anything that could have the mechanical personal to change our ships upgrades)! so we have to think twice if we put that hyperspace range upgrade or shields, mining or trading, speed or weaponpower ?! If we have to specialize our ship to whatever we want to do we will find us in much more challenging situations if we are about to leave this way... :)

Let me know if you like this or not
Greetings o7
News / Re: Beta Branch Patch 0.16.0 Patchnotes - Combat Update I
« Last post by Kyuhau on Today at 05:24:13 PM »
I've brought this up in discussion before on the forums, but the majority of people agree that NPC's are too slow to chase down people. I see that people don't wish to lose boost for the sake of ease, but would it be possible to enable boost or higher speeds on NPCs?
Gameplay Discussion / Project Exodus issue (no coordinates?)
« Last post by RediusMaximus on Today at 05:16:32 PM »

Is this normal?  It's a flashing beacon, just like you're supposed to find for Project Exodus....but this one doesn't give any coordinates.  Just that message.
Feedback / Re: Torpedo Balancing Ideas
« Last post by Kelevra on Today at 05:12:53 PM »
Big like fore these Ideas!!  8)
I really like these Ideas!!

Torps/fighters: should be able to craft them with block production and blueprints (like with the fighters) in ship or own Stations, and i really like to implement more than just Material like titanium and iron etc, i´d like to have more use of "trading goods" because these are kind of none present atm eccept you really want to make a trading session.. for example to make a torpedo you have to own fuel, a warhead and maybe an engine in your ship/station! so it would make sense to produce these things your own or look in trading posts if they are available?!
This would bring more connections into the game, more realism, same would be nice for fighters, there are so many trade goods that could be neccessary to craft fighters!! (they can be bought at the fightercrafting station for quite high prices and if the player wants he can collect/craft them on his own)

Pointdefense: i also thinkk it would be nice if they were smaller so you could put more and decrease the range massively!!10 km range for PD turrets and 3 k for a heavy machine gun? i dont like this.. many small short range PD turrets (without crew maybe, but i like the idea of personal needed to run all the ship systems) and even more important: well placed!! if you only put some on top of your ship and a torpedo comes from below you´re wrecked.. ^^ but very imortant decrease the range of these things!!

Inventory: more filters would be nice, where we can precisely search for items

Sensor array: really like the sensor array idea with reducing navigation calculating, because it´s more or less useless atm..
same for mining upgrades (way too small range!!!) and the one that shows interesting things in sector (they are all the same in all rarities from common to legendary and there are)

Fighters: i also noticed this unhappy problem with downscaling big turrets... 
what i really liked to see would be the ability to order fighters at a station, so they produce them (for a cost of course) over time and i don´t have to put so many production on my own ship, maybe it´s more usefull to use the fighterworkshop on the ship to repair fighters after they got "hurt" in battle (what is not yet implemented but they have hitpoints though..? ^^

Let me know how you like my additional ideas if wou want, i´d be very happy to know how others see things :)
Greetings o7
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