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Gameplay Discussion / Re: Rabbi? What?
« Last post by NathanS48 on Today at 05:10:30 AM »
Just found another, but this time it's not a rabbi, it's a thing called "Imam"
I'm so confused
Gameplay Discussion / Rabbi? What?
« Last post by NathanS48 on Today at 05:02:51 AM »
I was teleporting to all yellow blimps trying to find wormholes when I warped into a sector with strange circular-pattern asteroid belts everywhere. I talked to the rabbi and "interrupted" the ceremony and instantly became abhorrent to their faction. Can anyone give me more knowledge about this?

Also, can you please add it to the game's wiki? I googled it and nothing but REAL rabbis would pop up. I don't think it exists
Mods / [question] server Vs. client?
« Last post by harrymcb on May 28, 2017, 11:54:08 PM »
I started using/making mods, but i don't know how to tell if a mod works on a server only or server and client or client only. for example, i made a simple modification to script/systems/valubalesdetector.lua  would that have any effect if i play multi-player? or would it change something if i made my own server? my main experience with mods is Minecraft.
Multiplayer / created new multiplayer server~
« Last post by axzonite on May 28, 2017, 10:20:12 PM »
hard mode
dedicated 24/7
vanilla server
Creations / Re: Dr Krejall's Shipyard
« Last post by krejall on May 28, 2017, 08:58:07 PM »
Here's another ship I made.
Spoiler: show

Bugs / Re: Friendly Hyperspace Blocker
« Last post by Dirtyredz on May 28, 2017, 05:24:58 PM »
Just noticed a duplicate to this, Moderator plz delete.
Suggestions / Name Prefix's, Suffix's
« Last post by Dirtyredz on May 28, 2017, 05:17:34 PM »
Would be a great way to show admins/ moderators/ varrious group titles. If the Title isnt explanation enough:

<[Admin]Dirtyredz> This is me talking to the serve via chat
<Dirtyredz[Suffix]> Again another chat message.

It could be as easy as using the groups inside of admins xml
<group name="Moderator">
<[Moderator]Dirtyredz> Im a Moderator
Mods / Re: [MOD] out of sector Production
« Last post by CYBER_KOTLETA on May 28, 2017, 05:02:16 PM »
This mod keeps telling me to update to 0.9.7_c I have already done that and I am still getting that message. Is there something I am missing?
I have sent you a PM.
You can always PM me with possible bugs or installation issues.

i have this  problem too((
Crispy never answered me, so I have no idea if the problem persists.(I didn't get contacted about it either.)
Make sure you have installed the mod correctly:
Installation Guide

 Extract the "data"-folder in the zip file into your <installdir>\Avorion\data Folder.
  If ther is a folder called "data within <installdir>\Avorion\data you did it wrong  :-[.
 Leave the "client" folder untouched.

 Extract the "data"-folder in the zip file into your <installdir>\Server\data Folder.
 <installdir>\Server\ should contain server.bat and launcher.bat. Then you're in the correct directory.
 If ther is a folder called "data within <installdir>\Server\data you did it wrong  :-[.
 Leave the "client" folder untouched.

 You don't want to use this mod in Singleplayer, but your friends play it on a server?
 You also fear it will interfere with the other awesome mod you found on the forum?
 Your Calls have been heard!
 Go into the Client folder. There is also a folder called "data".
 Extract THIS "data"-folder into your <installdir>\Avorion\data Folder.
 If you are asked to replace server.lua or claim.lua you did not choose the data folder within the client folder.
 If ther is a folder called "data within <installdir>\Avorion\data you did it wrong  :-[.
* You may only follow one of the guides above.

There are circumstances where:
"Update your version (Tell me what is written in these brackets) to [0.9.7_c]. OOSP is deactivated for you! "
might be shown even though it gets later activated.
If it at some point shows:
"OOSP version received and validated: [0.9.7_c]. OOSP is activated for you! "
You can ignore all previous warnings!

mod is working, but this "OOSP version received and validated: [0.9.7_c]. OOSP is activated for you! " annoys me. its constantly
Troubleshooting / Re: Game crashing on launch
« Last post by Hammelpilaw on May 28, 2017, 11:45:31 AM »
I got an almost similar problem. When i logged in on the server i'm playing currently the game crashes. When i logged in on a offline galaxy a new player was created

Code: [Select]
2017-05-28 09-38-39| Error: EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION
2017-05-28 09-38-40| [1] ?? 8233192
2017-05-28 09-38-40| [2] ?? 6268512
2017-05-28 09-38-40| [3] ?? 8717696
2017-05-28 09-38-40| [4] ?? 4969594
2017-05-28 09-38-40| [5] ?? 8714330
2017-05-28 09-38-40| [6] ?? 8717869
2017-05-28 09-38-40| [7] ?? 4946058
2017-05-28 09-38-40| [8] ?? 4959698
2017-05-28 09-38-40| [9] ?? 4227440
2017-05-28 09-38-40| [10] ?? 4231473
2017-05-28 09-38-40| [11] ?? 4208494
2017-05-28 09-38-40| [12] Mix_SetPanning 17072207
2017-05-28 09-38-40| [13] ?? 4199416
2017-05-28 09-38-40| [14] ?? 4199659
2017-05-28 09-38-40| [15] BaseThreadInitThunk 2004638141
2017-05-28 09-38-40|

I fixed that by deleting the settings files client.ini and settings.ini.
Hallo zusammen, nach 340 Stunden Spielzeit, möchte ich mal meine Eindrücke vom Spiel wiedergeben und was ich mir in Zukunft noch so von diesem Spiel erhoffe. Ich habe das Spiel angefangen, weil ich ein großer X-Fan bin und in der Kurzinfo von Steam damit geworben wird. In dieser Hinsicht, war ich sehr schnell ernüchtert. Es gibt weder ordendliche Befehlsketten für Schiffe, noch gibt es ein Handelssystem, das den Namen auch verdient.

Den noch finde ich das Spiel einfach nur toll und hoffe, das einige der existierenden Mods, ins Spiel übernommen werden. Die Rede ist von OOP(mit Verbrauch der Waren noch(das gibt es bisher nicht)), Komplexbaumod und alle Waren Produzierbar. Ohne diese 3, kann es keinen Handel im Spiel geben. Ich weiß, das OOP schon fürs nächste Update geplant ist, das immerhin schon mal ein Anfang.

Was noch fehlt, sind Befehle im Spiel. Die bisher existierenden, sind viel zu wenig. Es fehlen grundsätzliche Befehle für Händler. Was ich mir noch erhoffe, sind Befehle wie, "alle Schiffe im Sektor->folgen, angreifen, usw".
Zugriff auf Schiffe in anderen Sektoren. Vor allem was Übersicht angeht, leider würde das dann mit "OOP"  kollidieren, was Stationen angeht.

Was ebenfalls einer Bearbeitung bedarf, ist die Routenfindung/steuerung der KI. Gerade eben habe ich mal wieder mein 15 Slot Schiff verloren, weil es irgendwo gegen geflogen ist.
Auch sehe ich ständig KI-Frachter, die gegen Stationen fliegen. Einfach weil die KI, die Abmessungen der Schiffe beim drehen falsch berechnet.

FAZIT: Für mich, ist das Spiel bisher ein Ballerspiel, wo man sein Schiff selber baun kann. Vor allem im Vanilla.

Ich hoffe, das wird mit den nächsten Updates besser.

PS, Bisher hat das Spiel kein Endgame und Endboss ist viel zu einfach, selbst auf sehr schwer.
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