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No worries, its actually pretty simple, just costs a fortune :)

Go to a shipyard and tell it to build you a ship. Make sure to select "Station Founder" or something like that as an option.

That will give you the option to "Found Station" or something like that by selecting the ship. It will then popup a menu of different station types, and you can select one. They range from like 20-60 million credits to found.

It works as a ship, but also has more features depending on what kind of station you make. You can still build it like you would a regular ship, and it will also attach some parts to it depending on what the station needed (cargo, assembly, etc).

NOTE: you will be unable to change sectors / "move" it once you've founded a station. You can still push/bump it with another ship but can't hyperspace it.
User Guides / Re: [Guides] NerArth's Guides
« Last post by Gontarekt on May 22, 2018, 07:19:42 PM »
Ah, good to know. Also another quick run through your guide I found that you didn't mention that Tesla guns can't destroy stone blocks and Railguns can't damage Armor blocks in the Building section, although they still do damage to your overall hull. Might be good to add that to the turret section too. Also in the building section you should also mention that Turret Rotation lock stop turrets from turning to make them always face forward ( I used to use this so turrets didn't take ages to turn to the target if their facing towards the rear of the ship ).
Also you forgot to mention about how the rotation from thrusters will be improved depending on how far away from the centre of mass it is.

And also something I would like, it would be nice to add Something about alliances in the guide so I can quickly give it to newbies for reference when their just starting in multiplayer.

( And If you want me to give you a butt-load of tips / things to add just message me )
Thank you very well. But something i still dont know. How to build a station ?  :)  I have absolutly no idea how to build one and how to use it. Can you explain me it for dummies ?
Yes it is possible and very much worth it. I use my station(s) to build my fighters and then transfer them to my crafts.

You need to be within 0.02km of the  "core" of the ship to transfer crew/fighters/cargo, not "docked".

Works the same as ship<->ship transfer just ship<->station.

Get within 0.02km of the selected ship/station, then "F", go to the bottom option of transfer crew/cargo/fighters. Each option is in its own tab. Left window is your ship, right window is the other ship/station.
Is it possible to build a ship or a station, which build endless space fighters to transfer the finished with the actual warships? It takes many production blocks to efficiently produce a space fighter and that would overwhelm a normal ship.
Gameplay Discussion / Re: Question about Quad/Triplle/Double Turrets
« Last post by DivineEvil on May 22, 2018, 05:46:47 PM »
Its important to note, that multi-barreled weapons provide no functional differences. It's a random aesthetic feature, that only creates several origin points for the fired projectiles.
Suggestions / Re: Bind turret numbers to ship volume instead of modules
« Last post by DivineEvil on May 22, 2018, 04:20:55 PM »
From how I see it, ships now should get universal turret slots as well as the module slots, which players can use to expand the capacity even more. That can compensate for the increased slot demand for larger weapons introduced by the Combat Update.

Thus, with every system module slot you get, you also get 1 universal turret slot. If that end up insufficient for the general player base, then the issue can be addressed further by increasing the slot bonus from all turret slot modules by 1 for their corresponding type.
User Guides / Re: [request] Guides that aren't video guides.
« Last post by DracoNB on May 22, 2018, 10:51:45 AM »
I'll have a go at making a simple concepts guide, which should be helpful for new players. I'll try to include some stuff about ship building in it.

Edit: I typed up most of it now, you can find it here. I will be adding images, especially to the building section, throughout the next couple of days.

This is pretty good, but how do you tell if a sector is a neutral zone or not?

The zone will tell you when you enter it
Mods / Re: [MOD] MoveUI v2.1.1
« Last post by DracoNB on May 22, 2018, 10:46:45 AM »
I added a plugin for this to allow the user to see and select ships in their sector from a list.


Thanks for making this great mod, hope some people will get some use from mine as well
Mods / [MOD] MoveUI Plugin - Sector Ship Notifier
« Last post by DracoNB on May 22, 2018, 10:36:57 AM »

  • Shows all ships in sector
  • Filter out Civilian and/or Friendly ships
  • Select ship by left or right clicking on the list (Warning, left mouse WILL fire weapons!) I recommend using right click.
  • Choose faction relation level to consider "friendly"

Pre-Reqs: MoveUI by Dirtyredz (v2.1.1)
Server side requirements: Yes

Client side requirements: Yes


Download the file. Unzip "ShipNotifier.lua" to your avorion/mods/MoveUI/Scripts/player folder

Edit avorion/mods/MoveUI/config/MoveUIConfig.lua and add the following down with the others:

Code: [Select]
MoveUIConfig.AddUI("ShipNotifier", false)

Where you add it is where it will show up on the main MoveUI screen. I personally put it under "FactionNotifier" since that deals with adding sector faction info and this adds the ship details.

Here is an example video of it in action:



Download the source code and then unzip the mods folder to your steamapps\common\avorion\mods

Should look like:


and have a few other files from MoveUI already in that folder such as FactionNotifier.lua. If you don't, its in the wrong spot!


Figure out if there is a way to cancel mouse button events so middle mouse button can be used for target selection (it selects then deselects since the mouse isn't over a target)

More options?

Improve contrast? Hard to see depending on the sector / lighting. I added a slight drop shadow to help
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