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Mods / Re: [MOD] Regenerative Asteroid Fields [Update 1.4.0]
« Last post by Dirtyredz on Today at 10:14:50 PM »
Now that alliances are out i thought i should update the forums to reflect this mod now with name spacing added.

Version 1.4.0
   -Moved configuration to /configs/

Version 1.3.0
   -Added Namespacing

WARNING, if you have a non default configs file, youll need to move it to the new directory, otherwise the script will use default
Suggestions / Stations & Trading Improvements
« Last post by Valshala on Today at 05:34:46 PM »
While waiting for an official trading command I have been using a mod (haul goods).  The problem is that I have no way of preventing ai traders from bringing cargo to a station when I already have the required buildings In the sector for the supply of a station..   Would it be possible to use the old permissions option on stations to switch ai trading permissions on or off for a given station?

The inclusion of player faction owned trading station that can be built with the ability to choose what goods it sells and buys similar to how docware manager works In x3 would be a great addition.

The ability to produce coal and raw oil etc without relying on a mod or shipyards and headquaters building to mark a faction capitol would make the factions update seem a little more complete.
The forum description has been updated, from now you can only find our modpack through our Discord to prevent issues with older modpacks.

I will be reworking the website in the coming weeks to include all the accurate data aswell, untill then this stays the most accurate description of our servers.
Suggestions / Re: Make chainguns immune to shields
« Last post by Valshala on Today at 04:40:29 PM »
I can see the point being made, but what about players like myself who choose to fly ships no bigger than 3 upgrade slots with quite low hull..  Pulse cannons are already a nightmare for me and I don't even gain the benefit of out flying an ai opponent as they just re-position turrets if they cannot spin on the spot.

I think shield ignoring weapons should have drastically shorter ranges to balance them just like they did with mass drivers In X2-x3.

Mods / Re: writing a Hyperspace cooldown remover
« Last post by Ancient Demise on Today at 04:33:17 PM »
If you want to mod it yourself out might be easier to make a -100% cooldown module. The cooldowns on extremely large ships can get pretty ridiculous
Mods / Re: writing a Hyperspace cooldown remover
« Last post by Hammelpilaw on Today at 02:13:08 PM »
Use hyperspace modules that reduces the cooldown. If you got 3 modules with -34% each, the cooldown is always 0sec.
In the early game its not that easy, but thats part of the game imo.

If you wanna try to mod it, watch the documentation in steam install directory. Scripting API is well documented. You also could download mods to get some examples.
Gameplay Discussion / Rotating blocks in place
« Last post by Ancient Demise on Today at 01:40:42 PM »
Hi all,

Is it possible to change the direction of a placed block while keeping the current dimensions? For example, if iI have a 20x40x30 directional thruster deep inside my ship that acts along the x axis. Is there a way to rotate it so that keeps its current position and physical dimensions but instead acts on the y axis?

Right now I am copying and deleting the placed block, pasting it outside my ship, copying it again, rotating, checking 'match block' and pasting on top of the other block, disabling 'match block', copying the third block, zooming inside my ship, and trying to stick it where the first block was.
Possible, but a pain.

General Discussion / Re: Do The Devs Not Look At Steam Forums?
« Last post by Devious on Today at 01:22:59 PM »
Koonschi doesn't seem to care about many of the questions only he can answer, it's something we have to deal with but doesn't show a good image of him given that he used to answer them frequently in the past but neglects them now.
General Discussion / Re: Do The Devs Not Look At Steam Forums?
« Last post by Ny on Today at 01:09:22 PM »
Sure we do but we don't have enough people to read everything and even writing a short reply takes time. So we read a lot more than we write. Also, not every Dev can answer every question - depending on what they have worked on. If we kept interrupting koonschi to relay every question from the forum, development would come to a standstill (and who would want that?) - so many questions remain unanswered by us, especially those that can be answered by other players. When it comes to suggestions, posting them is a way to see what other people in the community think about it. It'll give us a chance to discuss it with the other players and allows us to see how many people would like to have it. If it's a feature that fits our vision for the game and can be done (a lot of things people hope for are a lot harder to realize than they'd imagine) it might be added.
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