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This is my favorite mod so far.  Thank you for continuing it!
Mods / Re: [MOD] Shieldly (Clear Shields)
« Last post by narhiril on Today at 03:00:45 AM »
Thank you so much for this, so tired of having to put the shield generators in last so that I don't get blinded while building.
Mods / Re: Texture (removed camo and added scratches)
« Last post by WSY on Today at 02:39:07 AM »
Yes, this is wonderful.

I love this game, but I have no idea what the fetish is with all these space games needing to have camo on their heavy armor blocks...
News / Re: Patch 0.15 Patchnotes: Economy Update
« Last post by Martin Levac on Today at 12:51:03 AM »
Did crew workforce requirement change? Officer workforce requirements seem to be based on workforce requirements, not actual crew count. Here's the 3 columns for crew, produced workforce, required workforce, from engineer down to pilot.

total 75

Produced workforce
total 146.5

Required workforce
total 128

Now the officers, from sergeants down to commanders.


Produced workforce

Required workforce

Sergeants workforce requirement is 12, but I have 75 crew (so, sergeants workforce req should be 7, or used to be). Lieutenants workforce is 3, but I have 6 sergeants (so, lieutenants workforce req should be 1, or used to be). Commanders workforce requirement is 1, but I have 2 lieutenants (so, commanders workforce req should be 0, or used to be).

Instead, it seems that officer workforce requirements are now based on crew workforce requirements for sergeants calculation, and so forth up the chain of officers. So, need 12 sergeants because need 128 crew workforce, need 3 lieutenants workforce because need 12 sergeants workforce, and need 1 commander workforce because need 3 lieutenants workforce.
Mods / [MOD] Spawn in workshop ships to fight players
« Last post by drew4452862 on November 17, 2017, 11:29:01 PM »

readme is in the zip.  some known bugs but might be worth testing \ setting up for players. 

anyone know how to make a timer?  I'll try to update this mod tomorrow.

# Avorion Workshop Ship Spawner
## Contribution
### General note
Adding the /summon command to admins \ moderators will let them setup a trigger in the sector that they are currently in.  Players who enter this sector will trigger the boss to spawn in and he will be hostile.

### Installation
data/scripts/plans gets the say.lua (the file with out path at the top)
data/scripts/player/cmd gets the boss*.lua files and the other summon.lua
data/plans gets your workshop ship plans (you can sub to the ship, use it in game, save it and find it in your appdata/roaming/avorion folder)
in that same appdata folder you will find your admin.xml where you will need to add in the summon command (or else you will get unknown command)

###In game
Fly to a sector, do /summon.  When you fly out and back in you will see a boss and a message warning you about the boss

i am working on a timer to stop the boss from spawning every time and if 2 players show up 2 bosses will spawn ect

some weird error pops up saying that it can not find the summon.lua.  it can and it is looking in the correct spot... idk
Bugs / [Dedicated server + Client] [High Prio?] Apply previous saved build crashes UI
« Last post by BattleOn on November 17, 2017, 04:11:20 PM »

This bug involves a dedicated server to be reproduced.

Steps to reproduce
  • Start the client (Avorion Client Beta 0.45.5 r9490)
  • Go to multiplayer -> join via IP
  • (optional) add a new server with IP
  • Join the server
  • Found a ship and go into build modus
  • Modify a few things to get multiple "Saved builds"
  • Exit build modus
  • Exit to the drone and found a new ship
  • Found a new ship and apply a saved build <-- THE BUG IS NOW ACTIVE

Now, you can't do anything with the UI anymore. The bug involves the whole (or portions) of the UI including the following:

  • Jumping to other systems by setting a destination (the latter is mainly the problem)
  • Build or modify your ship
  • Assign crew or accessing any other features in submenu's like the Player Menu and Ship Menu
  • Exit the drone

These are just a few things of the potential many that there are. The game suddenly becomes useless.

The work around we use to fix the problem is the following:

  • Exit the game
  • Exit steam
  • Start the game
  • Join the server
  • Try to move

If you can move, the problem is fixed. If not, you need to redo all steps multiple times. Last but not least, if that also does not work (and it happens if the UI is really, REALLY bugged), a server restart mysteriously FIXES the problem. This might (and this is just an assumption) have to relate to the face that it might be related with server cache and/or the location of the user, since the server does not have persisted the data (it does this every 10 minutes I believe). After the server restart, everyone is a few minutes back in time.

Feel free to use the previously provided server to test this bug on. The server runs 24/7/365.
User Guides / Just one thing i have noticed about Hangars.
« Last post by Suneku on November 17, 2017, 03:55:02 PM »

I have noticed that a staggering mount of Avorion players spells it that way...


It just triggers my inner spelling/grammar nazi...

Thanks for attention :)
Mods / Re: [MOD] Shieldly (Clear Shields)
« Last post by Dracolich on November 17, 2017, 02:45:23 PM »
You need to be logged in to the forums to see files that people post. Thanks for this mod OP! Just what I was hoping for.
Yesterday I encountered a ring of asteroids with a circle of big ships that had a minable asteroid in the middle. When I started mining their asteroid the ships attacked me ...... And this was the first fight in a long time that was actually not too one-sided. They all had guns that had massive shield penetration so my hull went down faster than my shield. Some of the ships even had Ogonite components. (The first I have encountered because I have not yet crossed the border to the center)

I did win the fight without much sweat, but they did indeed manage to get my hull down to about 50% health which was rather amazing! (While my shield was still at about 70%)

But here again I noticed that the high durability of the building blocks on the ships are a problem.
One of the ships had a clear weak-spot that would have allowed to break it in half, so I attacked that spot with high precision trying to break that intersection ..... not a chance. Before the block broke, the ship was out of health and just exploded.

I really really really think that this game would benefit from two things very, very much:

1) Much lower durability increase when using integrity field generators. (3x more instead of 10x)

I believe this would have the great effect that HOW we build our ships and HOW we attack enemies would gain much importance and tactics. Currently it does not truly matter where I really hit a target. But if I could properly kill off specific sections of the ship, break them in bits more effectively instead of just blowing off the odd thruster here and there ... that would be MUCH nicer and give maneuverability of ships a much finer and better edge.

2) Long streaks of survival areas that have no repair and build options.

Basically have vast areas of space (that can be recognized like the areas a faction controls) that only allow for jumps up to five fields (Or 30% of current max range) which do not allow for repair options other than normal mechanic health. (In those areas you cannot build new blocks onto the ship and cannot replace blocks that have been shot off.)

I had a situation like this exactly once and it was great, fantastic fun!
I got into several big fights and sustained larger damage than usual. A few bits and pieces had broken off my ship.
I did not have much money so I could not repair on the fly but I also did not want to turn back to the last set of stations. So I continued.
Of the next seven jumps I six landed me in hostile areas. Pirates or factions with stations that hated me.
It was great!
The faction destroyers came and came and came and I fought and fought and fought.

I won all encounters but could still not repair. Jump after Jump after Jump.
And my ship at the end looked like a battered little thing that was still going strong despite it all.
And when I reached a repair station and could sell all my loot and repair ... it was like coming home vitorious after a true survival battle with the scars to prove it.

This was one of the greatest moments in this game by far.
Actually feeling that my ship design was so good, my thruster placements and redundancy systems placed so well that my ship was able to fly and fight even when a third of it was missing .... it was truly great. That was the one moment where I really felt that my ship design and all the effort I put into it had mattered.

I want more of this.
Much more.

Please? :)

Mods / Re: Is it possible to add new user groups to admin.xml?
« Last post by drew4452862 on November 17, 2017, 12:56:35 AM »
Every attempt I have tried has not worked sadly. 
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