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« Last post by Shrooblord on Today at 09:41:26 PM »
The entitydbg.lua script is actually not what you think: it's not a debugger tool that follows your scripts and reports back. Instead, it's mostly a "cheat window" where you can spawn/summon a bunch of stuff like ships, trigger events to start (eg. Pirate Attack / Alien Invasion), add cargo to your hold, spawn a new Station of any type you choose, and even spawn in / generate whole Sectors.
Suggestions / Re: Player Controlled AI ship Orders Que
« Last post by Shrooblord on Today at 09:37:50 PM »
Yes, very cool. I'd love if AI ships also used the appropriate weapon types for their given Orders. So don't use Mining Lasers and Weapon Turrets when Salvaging, and don't try to use Salvaging Lasers when fighting enemies.

What I'd like even more is a priority Order List with conditionals. Example:
  • Order->Passive / Move to Specific Location IF Enemy Sighted;
  • Order->Guard This Position IF Hull Above 50%;
  • Order->Mining IF Mineable Asteroids > 10 AND/OR Mineable Resources > 1000 in Total;
  • DEFAULT Order->Escort Me

Something like that.
Mods / Re: [MOD PACK] Galaxy Mods: Balance & Difficulty Mods *NEW*
« Last post by Shrooblord on Today at 09:32:35 PM »
This is because the "Booster" upgrade also gives you shield recharge AND the crucial "upon depletion: recharge 25% of your shields once every 5 mins"...
Funny thing is, not sure if you've noticed, that not all Shield Booster SMUs have this recharge upon depletion trait. It seems to be random whether they do or not. Is there a way for you to balance all Shield Boosters with this in mind? Can you read whether a specific SMU has the recharge bonus, and penalise / balance out Energy Requirements based on that, or do you have to hit all Shield Boosters with a nerf? Mostly asking because I'm curious.
Mods / Re: [MOD PACK] Galaxy Mods: Balance & Difficulty Mods *NEW*
« Last post by Wayleran on Today at 09:06:11 PM »
Good to hear! Look forward to the new version.

Thanks bud, the new version is up BUT I definitely need to tweak the systems a little.

The Arbitrary AND Military Turret Upgrades are going to have their top end energy requirements reduced so their aren't as harsh a plenty but there's still a substantial "cost" to equip the TOP TIER ones (+4, +5, +6). But the numbers right now are a bit too much IMO.

I'm also going to make the "Shield Booster" 75% less effective but with LESS energy cost and the "Energy to Shield Converter" the same at 50% and lower the energy cost a little bit... This is because the "Booster" upgrade also gives you shield recharge AND the crucial "upon depletion: recharge 25% of your shields once every 5 mins"... so I want that one to offer less shield durability and be more of the "recharge/upon depletion" upgrade AND the other one to be a straight up increase to total shields. This way the normal player should have 1 or EACH equipped for the 2 distinct bonus types...

Also I'm going to remove ALL the energy requirements for my Artifacts EXCEPT the shield and turret related ones, but those are going to be cut dramatically too in order to reflect the changes to the normal upgrade counterparts. The other artifacts shouldn't have any cost because I've changed my philosophy on "non-combat", "utility" upgrades.

I'll work on this today and post it asap.

These small changes I think will keep almost all the fun and challenge but get rid of some "overkill" on my part. :)

Suggestions / Re: Few suggestions Thank you!
« Last post by KingBarber on Today at 08:19:39 PM »
These Keybinds would be nice for sure!
Suggestions / Player Controlled AI ship Orders Que
« Last post by KingBarber on Today at 08:18:17 PM »
First, I want to say that I love that I can select a ship and order it to do a task. However, I feel it would be better for us players if we could select a Ship and give it priority orders.

I envision a player selecting a ship, clicking orders and then a list of Orders appears with all Orders defaulted to “OFF”. Then the player has the option to click on orders by selecting a priority number. So, if there are 5 types of Orders the player can selected 1 through 5 in priority.
This allows the player for example, to select priority #1 for salvage, Priority #2 for mine and all other orders priority to OFF. The AI player controlled ship will salvage until there is nothing left to Salvage and then when the task is not executable it will cycle to Priority #2 where it will then mine.

Anyway, what are your thoughts all?
News / Re: Dev Progress: Combat Update Part I
« Last post by Hammelpilaw on Today at 06:19:43 PM »
Then dont say anything, we will see whats added, I for one am very exited
I agree, im very excited to get it.
@Hellatze: I hope there will come a day you will stop being angry. A lot of your posts are nonconstructive... also in other topics.
General Discussion / Re: How to modify docking distance?
« Last post by Cyka on Today at 05:42:11 PM »
Use this instead :


Im prefering a more automated system, Rusty server runs it.
« Last post by Raith on Today at 03:58:05 PM »
Actually you talking about the dev talking about weapons triggered a bit of a light bulb in my head. It could very well be that these are all bugs that are already being focused on by the devs and will be resolved during the combat update, whenever that hits. It would be so so useful if we could get some feedback on that front.

So perhaps it's only a matter of waiting til the next update... worth a "shot"?

Alternatively, I can suggest to you a method of rapid code iteration that doesn't require you to boot/reboot or quit/reload an Avorion game every time you make a change, if you're not adverse to "cheating".

  • Head into an empty Sector you don't care about. This will be our playground to test things in.
  • Attach the Entity Debugger to your ship by selecting your ship and entering /run Entity():addScript("lib/entitydbg.lua")
     into Chat.
  • Use the Entity Debugger to spawn an instance of the Turret Factory (for example).
  • Change something in code.
  • Destroy the old Turret Factory by selecting it and typing /destroy in Chat (be mindful you don't accidentally select your own ship, or this could get ugly). This will create a lot of gibs over time, so be careful. Spawn a new Turret Factory. Your new code is applied to it even though you never reloaded the game!

Protip: Copy-Paste, and the up and down arrow keys are both valid inputs for the Chat window, and will help you a bunch with (re)typing commands.

Thanks, I'll have to check out what debug info is avalable and how verbose it is. I'm not sure that I'd see every step of the calculation thought, so I might still need to fall back on just simulating the calculation in excel or whatever, however this should be excellent for live testing of edits to the code.

I do agree that even a tiny amount of feedback from the dev would go a long way, especially if you keep in mind that the combat update is already being in the works and is the next planned update. That slipped my mind cimpletely, even thought I read the steam News as soon as they're out :D
Suggestions / Re: Player-made Ship Salesman
« Last post by DeathTech on Today at 03:32:36 PM »
The plan code is in regards to the ship design.
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