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Gameplay Discussion / Now that torpedoes are in, what about CLOAKING?
« Last post by SivCorp on Today at 04:51:34 AM »
With the long range engagements now becoming much more commonplace, I noticed in the road map that cloaking blocks where planned.  The combat update #2 would be a great place to introduce those blocks... so we can have a defense against torps other than just point defense. 

Any news on Cloaking?  Any thoughts how it should work?
Mods / Re: [Mod] Compass-like Gate Pixel Icons
« Last post by Umbral Reaver on Today at 04:40:47 AM »
Does this mod work on the current version? With gates no longer named for their direction, I am getting turned around more than ever.
News / Re: Beta Branch Patch 0.16.0 Patchnotes - Combat Update I
« Last post by Alanthier on Today at 04:21:25 AM »
Why waste an upgrade slot for pickup range...if you could have just made it a block instead?  That would have been simpler.
Mods / Re: How to install the ship system upgrade from the script?
« Last post by Flambo20 on Today at 04:08:54 AM »
Is there anyway to find a list with all the upgrades? i can do cargo and shield and stuff, but cant find the right commands for turrets and generator upgrades.
Mods / Re: [REQUEST] Jump Bridge Mod
« Last post by joemorin73 on Today at 03:51:11 AM »
Why did you need to make an image/imgur for this?
Multiplayer / [HELP] New Dedicated Server
« Last post by Khorius Irelius on Today at 02:46:11 AM »
Hey guys.

I need some help here. I am very proficient with PC hardware and software, however, networking skills are not exactly my primary area of expertise. I am attempting to start a vanilla dedicated server for myself and some friends, using the resources on the Avorion wiki as a guide. I have managed to get the server up and running with no issues (locally), including incorporating our existing galaxy.

Here's the issue: the only way that people can connect to the server (that aren't on my local network) is if I manually invite them through the Steam friends interface. I have updated the server, everything was opened and is running in administrator mode, and I have selected the option to list it publicly. As far as I can tell all my firewalls are disabled. Not only does it not appear on the public server list, but my friends can't even connect to it directly with the IP address.

Can anyone advise me on a possible course of action to correct this?
Perhaps someone could elaborate on this (from the wiki):

The UDP and TCP ports that will be used for the game must be forwarded to the machine that runs the game. Default ports are 27000, TCP and UDP for game traffic 27003 (UDP) for queries, 27020 and 27021.

Here is a direct link to the guide that I am using for reference:https://avorion.gamepedia.com/Setting_up_a_server

Thanks in advance!
An issue I've seen is that you can boost in and out of weapon ranges far too easily, which is easy to abuse with certain weapons

Applies as a specialised block that removes the boosting ability of engines and the hyperspace ability of opposing ships in a certain range. It's effectively already in the game in some encounters as the hyperspace blocker. Size of the block affects the range at which the Inhibitor works. Larger ships have a larger radius (Larger Hyperdrive Inhibitors) and so on.

In addition it could also act as a speed reducer, slowing down ships beyond the normal max speed preventing safety limits being abusable to escape the radius as well. This would prevent players relying on the momentum of their ship to carry them through the Inhibitor field in certain cases.
General Off-Topic / Re: Your favorite games on the space theme
« Last post by Cygnus001 on Today at 12:52:34 AM »
#1 TIE Fighter including addons
#2 XW:A (never finished it and can´t get it to run anymore)
#3 Master of Orion 2
#4 X-Wing including the addons (nope, never blew the deathstar up, too difficult at my age at that time)
#5 Wing Commander and any spinoff like Privateer
#6 FreeSpace 1&2 (my god, that editor...superb)
#7 I-War 1&2

# beyond rating b-cuz they are timeless masterpieces:
- Battlecruiser 3000 AD original or remake...
- Star Trek 25th aniversary
- Star Trek Judgement rites
- Star Trek Bridge Commander
- Star Trek A final unity
- Star Trek (heavily modded) Armada 1&2 (a modded #2 had [Tactical] Fusion CUBES!!!!!!!111!!!!!) basically your ST C&C and everything a hardcore fan could hope for
- Star Trek Elite Force 1&2

epic hall of fame:

lest we forget....you pittyful INSECTS...

System Shock 1&2


Spoiler: show

no honestly...System Shock for me is THE game of all times...so intense in every aspect...giving me the shivers since 1994 to present (cuz I do play them from time to time)

and now Warren Spector is doing part 3....talk about the "joy of the mass" ey?^^
can´t wait

S.H.O.D.A.N.(*) even exist today as a google-type site that querries machines connected to the www

*: sentient hyper optimized data access network

breaking the 4th wall  8) on a f´ing planetary scale...try beating that...

you can tell, I´m sort of old school...
General Off-Topic / Re: i will now post a dead meme
« Last post by Cygnus001 on February 17, 2018, 11:58:53 PM »

ok ok...that might be a bit hard to understand for anyone younger than...say...25 to 30?
*insert metal guitar riff here*
Feedback / Re: Combat Update 1 Beta - Quality of life/Feature suggestions
« Last post by Ravien on February 17, 2018, 11:19:00 PM »
Some very good suggestions there.
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