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Multiplayer / Re: [List] Vanilla or Modded Servers
« Last post by striker_lord on Today at 01:25:47 PM »
Netherlands - 15 slots (might increase if demand vs performance remains balanced) - iCare. Community
Normal difficulty - 0.5 collision damage
DNS: gameserver.icareclan.nl:27000
Teamspeak: ts.icareclan.nl
website: https://icareclan.nl

Beside the server manager that is in use there are no mods implemented.
Gameplay Discussion / Re: Increase loot collection range
« Last post by Ny on Today at 11:57:57 AM »
life is tough...  ;)

seriously though, thanks for pointing that out. We might make an upgrade for that.
But for the moment there isn't one so right now you'll have to collect your stuff the hard way :-(
Mods / Re: [Mod] Detailed Turret Tooltips
« Last post by nDervish on Today at 11:48:55 AM »
Has anyone used this mod since the Alliance Update? Mine hasn't worked since the game update pushed last week...

I haven't played much since then, but I'm pretty sure it was still working for me.  Did you reinstall the mod after updating?  At this point, Avorion mods work by overwriting the vanilla files, so it's common for the files to revert to vanilla during updates.
Mods / Re: [Mod] Detailed Turret Tooltips
« Last post by Pyrax on Today at 05:33:21 AM »
Has anyone used this mod since the Alliance Update? Mine hasn't worked since the game update pushed last week...
Troubleshooting / workerThreads
« Last post by Taurnil on Today at 04:12:48 AM »
Here you say essentailly that worker threads should equal the number of core; https://www.avorion.net/forum/index.php?topic=2355.0

The server.ini defaults to 3. I have 4 cores but when trying to set the value to 4 and logging into the game/galaxy it gets changed back to 3. How can I get this to stick?
I couldn't get the /agoods command to work. The server was displaying an error upon a player login stating there was an error with the function initialize. I had tried using the steel example given but saw no response. I logged out and back in and saw that the server was displaying the function error.
My first couple (weaker) starting designs relied on several cheap layers of ablative armor on the nose so I could ram most enemies, then the turrets mounted on top. Another option is to have turrets on top of towers to give them more range to fire, but you need to be careful to both armor the sides of the towers and to keep the turret on the central hull piece so that if the armor is shot off, the turret isn't destroyed too.

Now that I have shields I rely less on nose armor but keep my ships somewhat narrow to avoid fire while picking thing off either from long range or on high speed runs.
I can connect to multiplayer servers just fine, I made sure to allow the client and server exes through both my AV and Firewall, I even tried disabling both of them and it still didn't work. I know my OS is as old as the Pyramids, but the vast majority of games I play can still be run.
Updated to v0.7 fixed my mistake....
Multiplayer / Player reputation
« Last post by SgtStone on July 24, 2017, 07:12:02 PM »

Is there a way to improve the reputation of a player again? I have a colleague every 15000 minus. If we can not act, we would like to change that again, we just do not know how.
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