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Chinese displayed pretty well, thank you for adding chinese language and font support.
Suggestions / Re: Anchor Block
« Last post by unbekannt1984 on Today at 03:17:11 PM »
Well, rocks can't push your station back into position or am I wrong?!? :P

It would just require a Thruster-Script for Stations to rotate them and push them back into the position.
Suggestions / Re: Anchor Block
« Last post by Fox on Today at 02:56:34 PM »
Yesterday I found and NPC ship doing this to one of the stations that I had added rock (Editors Note: you could also say thruster here!) to, and I found that instead of pushing the station at a speed of 150m/s as before, it was pushing it at a speed of 45m/s. This made it a lot easier to catch the problem before the station got really far away. After getting rid of the NPC ship, I added more rock (Editors Note: you could also say thruster here!) to the station, so now it will be even more difficult to push.
As stated, it just lowers the problem, but wont get rid of it!
Gameplay Discussion / Re: So... fighters...
« Last post by unbekannt1984 on Today at 02:37:58 PM »
Well, it's not just dodges, you still need to kill the fighter - that means: You need to use up those 3 (wasn't it up to 5?) free dodges (which make them immune to incoming damage for 1 second each), then kill their shields and hull with 50 to 70% chance to hit (for an accurate weapon).

The one thing that might be able to speed that up is a Pulsecannon. Those behave like low DPS Machinegun-Turrets, but have got a 70% chance to ignore shields. Downside of using those: They are weak against almost everything else, if your enemy hasn't got shields, then a normal Machinegun would work better, only exception seems to be the AI.

So, get a Pulsecannon with Independent-Targeting and hope that it goes for the fighters :)

Hmm, might be worth to start a Suggestion-Thread: "Independent-Targeting-Mode kill Pet-Spam" :P
Gameplay Discussion / Re: So... fighters...
« Last post by Nokta on Today at 02:18:15 PM »
Had 3 ship with all kinds of weapons: Plasma, Kinetic and Laser. None of them could hit anything.

Fun fact, I left the game and went back in and magically the fighters that were harassing one of my ships disappeared and went on harassing the allied flotilla.

I was in a scrapyard system and 1 hour later, after my licence expired, they were still there trying to take down those fighters without any success.

Once again, absurd imo.
Suggestions / Re: Anchor Block
« Last post by unbekannt1984 on Today at 02:16:36 PM »
Why would you need an anchor-block to hold a space-station in place? Take a look at real space-stations and slap a few thrusters on it to push it back into position :P
Suggestions / Anchor Block
« Last post by Fox on Today at 02:00:56 PM »
after reading this topic it jumped to mind and i thought it was a nice idea to share:

Why not giving stations an Anchor Block to make it completly immobile, like pushing with a ship or force turrets no longer affect them? Would that be even possible, since everything can be moved including big asteroids and such it seems?

Canonical it could be based on the same principles as the Inertia Dampener, not sure if size should affect it since we speak about totals, either it can move or not, no in-between...

On a 2nd thought it could be a possibility to prevent ships of players going offline to be pushed throught gates of non-PvP-Sectors (like stated here) if they could anchor them before leaving?
Gameplay Discussion / Re: So... fighters...
« Last post by Ravien on Today at 12:40:50 PM »
After you use up their 3 free dodges per minute, they "should" only have a 30-50% chance to dodge, at least if the AI fighters behave like the patch notes say player fighters do. I haven't tried the new patch yet but what weapons were you using? I'd imagine a fast weapon would work better than a slow one to take out fighters and might actually give a reason for putting some point defense on our ships.
Gameplay Discussion / So... fighters...
« Last post by Nokta on Today at 12:22:28 PM »
Am I the only one that find a bit silly that 10 fighters can outlast a full-armed flottilla because nobody can actually hit them?

I entered a brawl between two factions by mistake and had to take the side of one faction. After I managed to kill all enemy ships only enemy fighters remained. Around 10 of them.

I had 3 ships with me and friendly faction had like 7, corvette and cruisers. We litterally stood there for 15 minutes trying to shoot 10 fighters down. They kept dodging and eventually started to mow down allied ships while keep pounding my shields into submissions.

In the end I had to just jump away.

I think fighters need to be toned down a bit, this is absurd :S

There's should be a diminishing return chance on the dodge, you can be a skilled pilot but 10 ships shooting all their ordnance at you should be able to hit you... eventually.

Playing 0.14.2
Suggestions / Re: Organic/Biological Ships
« Last post by captain Bulgaria on Today at 11:21:52 AM »
That's actually a really nice idea...
But it would be OP and for that they'll probably make the bio-blocks VERY expensive
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