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Suggestions / Re: The outer Regions of the Galaxy
« Last post by Sir Charles on Today at 01:38:55 PM »
Hey guys,
sorry for the late answer, i had to think about that a little. And I think I found a pretty good solution.
The first problem with multiplayer will be the fact, that if factions could be taken over, players will do so, leading to no factions at all but a galaxy controlled by let's say 30 players. While that would be great in terms of PvP, it would ruin the overall faction system.
My solution for this: Make alliances more like actual factions and allow factions to be taken over by alliances only. Make other factions attack the alliance sectors with war fleets, like they would attack other factions. Make conrolling territory harder the more sectors You control by that.

The other problem with multiplayer is the simulation of those sectors, because it is not possible to simulate multiple alliance territories with problably hundrets of sectors in total. For this one, random events could be triggered, like the attack of another faction. That attack would have some strength value, which could than be compared to a strengh value of the sector, generating some automatic kind of outcome for the battle if no player enters the sector in a set amount of time. If the sector is activated again, the already existing mechanic of out of sector simulation for sectors with no players in them would be used to update it. I still see many problems with that mechanic, but with this I think it should be possible... 

Mabye take a look on this and this topic for my thougts on a breathing galaxy and integrated alliances.
Mods / API Question: CrewMan(type)
« Last post by ignatz on Today at 01:00:59 PM »
Hi, I want to edit addcrew.lua, so I can add Crewmember of any kind. (Yes, this had been done by a mod already, but without the use of specialized crewmember)

I also use this small project to get into coding mods. But I have one problem:

I found that I can create a CrewMember with CrewMan(type), but this only creates a basic CrewMan, how do I create one that is trainable? or even give him a level assigned?

Hey there,
I do agree with you in almost every single point, except for shipyard sectors since there are enough yards around, factions would just need to use those.

But, again, this is not far enough for me. As I already stated in this post, I would like to have alliances more integrated into the faction system. The dynamic economy system suggested in that post, combined with your ideas would male a truly awesome addition to the game and make it feel much more alive. Also, if takeover of factions by alliances was integrated as suggested here, this would really male you feel as a PART of that alive galaxy, not just some random spectator, since the factions would strike back or other ones would attack you for that territory...
lol yeah, apparently the other response just maxes out their hatred towards you and makes them attack you.

I wonder if it has anything to do with this result that popped up in my google search:

Mods / Re: [Ext]Ship converter
« Last post by mega_byte on Today at 12:07:35 PM »
Ok, looking at the voxelizer site, it has an option to save as AVORION.xml , sweet!

Mods / [REQUEST] [MOD] The AI
« Last post by T4Ken on Today at 12:04:53 PM »
Hello ,
I wanna set some Minions for The Ai when it becomes 50% Damage of Shield or Hull. I got allready a The_ai_Minion.xml , but no clue how to get it done  ;D
General Discussion / Re: "Ayatollah" encounter -- what on earth is this?
« Last post by Ravien on Today at 11:40:32 AM »
Yup. They're just for flavor, for now. You can fight them though.
General Discussion / "Ayatollah" encounter -- what on earth is this?
« Last post by noobsqoou on Today at 11:05:27 AM »
I found this strange encounter while jumping between hidden mass signatures.


Basically an inner ring of ships and two outer rings of asteroids all circled around a single large Trinium asteroid.

I can't seem to find anything else like this through google, on youtube, or even on this forum.

Has anyone else come upon this?
Mods / Re: [MOD] Weapon Engineering (Turret Editor)
« Last post by Loony Liberator on Today at 10:15:51 AM »

2. Copy the file mods\DccTurretEditor\ConfigDefault.lua to Config.lua and tweak if you want.

Please clarify where its going (folder location) or if its just a renaming of the file from ConfigDefault.lua to Config.lua while maintaining its location in the DccTurretEditor folder  ;)

EDIT: Ahh it's 2. Rename the file mods\DccTurretEditor\ConfigDefault.lua to Config.lua and tweak if you want.
Mods / [MOD] Weapon Engineering (Turret Editor)
« Last post by darkconsole on Today at 08:42:17 AM »

By the time we reach Jupiter Station, I don't want their engineers to have a thing to do but give us a wash and a wax.

No longer must you play research station lottery or the shopping list game to fill a factory if you already have a turret you like. This mod allows you to cannibalize other turrets to upgrade an existing one.

Please consider this mod BETA - while I have play tested it myself quite a bit, nevertheless it is still new and doing things nothing else is and nobody else documented.

You select the turret you want to upgrade and drag it to the big box. Then you can select up to 5 additional turrets to destroy and drag them to the smaller boxes. The more turrets you select, the bigger the upgrade performed to the selected turret. The tech level of the turrets you scrap is also part of the upgrade math, use turrets greater than or equal to the tech level of the turret you want to upgrade for maximum effect. The rarity of the turrets you are scrapping also affects the final result.

The better the turret you are trying to upgrade, and the better weapons you use to upgrade it, the bigger the upgrade will be. Here I upgraded the damage on a crappy turret using more crappy turrets.

Additionally, autotargeting can be added, and the colour of the projectiles and beam can be customised for credits. You want red beams and bullets? Then get some red beams and bullets.

Upgrade Options

  • Heat Sinks - Reduces the heat generated per shot, and increases the cooldown speed.
  • Capacitors - Reduces the base power requirement of a turret.
  • Transformers - Reduces the rate the energy use climbs.
  • Ammunition / Power Amps - Increase the flat damage of the turret.
  • Drive Motors - Increase how fast the turret can turn.
  • Barrel / Lenses - Increase the range a turret can hit at.
  • Trigger Mechanism - Increase the rate of fire.
  • Stabilizers - Increase the accuracy rating.
  • Phase Filters - Increase the efficiency rating of mining or scav gun.
  • Targeting - Add or remove self targeting for the turret.
  • Colour HSV - Drag the sliders to change the colour of the beam or projectiles.


If you don't read and follow these simple install instructions I will tell the Xsotan where you sleep.

DOWNLOAD: https://github.com/darkconsole/avorion-turret-editor/archive/master.zip

Multiplayer Server Admin

  • Copy the data and mods folder into the game directory. This must be installed on both the client and the server, unless the players do not intend to use it then they don't have to install it. This mod does not overwrite any stock files at this time.
  • Copy the file mods\DccTurretEditor\ConfigDefault.lua to Config.lua and tweak if you want.

Single Player

  • Copy the the data and mods folders into your game
  • Copy the file mods\DccTurretEditor\ConfigDefault.lua to Config.lua and tweak if you want.


While in one of your ships use the chat command /tmod this will attach the Engineering Weapons Bay to your ship, adding an icon to open the main window in the top right corner of the screen. It looks like a little turret with a wrench on top of it.

1) Drag the turret you want to upgrade to the big box.

2) Drag 1 to 5 more turrets to the smaller boxes. These are the turrets you will destroy to upgrade the selected turret. Each turret you add will change the percentage displayed above the scrap bin. For example, if this says 2%, and you want to upgrade a turret that does 10 damage, after it will do 10.2 damage. If the turret does 20 damage, after it will do 20.4 damage.

3) Click one of the avaialble upgrade choices. If your weapon heats up too fast, then upgrade the heat sinks. If your turret fires too slow, upgrade the trigger mechanism. Hover over each button, the tooltip tells you what will happen. Clicking one of these buttons will consume the turrets in the scrap bin and upgrade the selected turret.

Stats which are already maxed out, or do not apply to the selected turret, will be greyed out.

4) You can add targeting and change the colour of the weapon for money. If you if you are just doing targeting and colour, you do not need to add any turrets to the scrap bin.


Targeting only costs money because I believe if you are paying the gunners to sit there then they can do their one job of pointing the damn gun for you. Consider the money an investment in a really comfortable chair for the douche that's gonna sit there and aim it.

The colour you set will change after clicking the button. That is because the code takes the colour you choose, and then modifies it a bit to try and produce laser beams that won't look as stupid as the colour you picked.

Item rarity and tech level are both used as part of the math to try and keep the usage of the Weapons Bay balanced. To get a good upgrade you are going to have to sacrifice good parts.

If you think a turret disappeared, double and triple check your inventory to be sure it did not stack with another. Avorion does a little bit of a dumb with the inventory where it stacks items after rounding their values, so if a turret is really close to another one in stats but not exact it can still be stacked. To combat this problem, every time a turret is upgraded it will have a Mark Number added to the name. "Double Mining Mk 2 Turret" means this is a turret you have upgraded twice, but I've totally stacked Mk 2 turrets before. It is not perfect.

Future Plans

Make it a system upgrade chip that drops from combat/scavving instead of the chat command to attach it to your ship.
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