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I must be doing something wrong, I can't get the new interface to show up.

My Avorion/mods/ShipScriptLoader/config/ShipScroptLoader.lua looks like this
Code: [Select]
local Config = {}
Config.author = 'Dirtyredz'
Config.name = 'Ship Script Loader'
Config.homepage = "https://github.com/dirtyredz/AvorionBoilerPlate"
Config.version = {
    major=1, minor=0, patch = 0,
    string = function()
        return  Config.version.major .. '.' ..
                Config.version.minor .. '.' ..

Config.Scripts = {}

function Config.Add(scriptPath)

-- Example use to add a script to a players ship
-- Config.Add("mods/YourMod/scripts/entity/YourMod.lua")
return Config

and my Avorion/data/scripts/server/server.lua looks like so

Code: [Select]
package.path = package.path .. ";data/scripts/lib/?.lua"
package.path = package.path .. ";data/scripts/server/?.lua"
require ("factions")
require ("stringutility")

function onStartUp()
    Server():registerCallback("onPlayerLogIn", "onPlayerLogIn")
    Server():registerCallback("onPlayerLogOff", "onPlayerLogOff")
    Galaxy():registerCallback("onPlayerCreated", "onPlayerCreated")
    Galaxy():registerCallback("onFactionCreated", "onFactionCreated")

function onShutDown()


function update(timeStep)
    local server = Server()

    local guardianRespawnTime = server:getValue("guardian_respawn_time")
    if guardianRespawnTime then

        guardianRespawnTime = guardianRespawnTime - timeStep;
        if guardianRespawnTime < 0 then
            guardianRespawnTime = nil

        server:setValue("guardian_respawn_time", guardianRespawnTime)

    local serverRuntime = server:getValue("online_time") or 0
    serverRuntime = serverRuntime + timeStep
    server:setValue("online_time", serverRuntime)


function onPlayerCreated(index)
    local player = Player(index)
    Server():broadcastChatMessage("Server", 0, "Player %s created!"%_t, player.name)

function onFactionCreated(index)


function onPlayerLogIn(playerIndex)
    local player = Player(playerIndex)
    Server():broadcastChatMessage("Server", 0, "Player %s joined the galaxy"%_t, player.name)

    player:addScriptOnce("mods/oosp/scripts/player/oosproduction.lua")                            --oosp

function onPlayerLogOff(playerIndex)
    local player = Player(playerIndex)
    Server():broadcastChatMessage("Server", 0, "Player %s left the galaxy"%_t, player.name)
local s, b = pcall(require, 'mods/ShipScriptLoader/scripts/server/server')
    if s then if b.onPlayerLogIn then local a = onPlayerLogIn; onPlayerLogIn = function(c) a(c); b.onPlayerLogIn(c); end end end

Both of those files appear identical to the functioning examples given previously in this thread. What am I missing? Do I need to initialize this mod or the shipscriptloader in some different way?
General Discussion / Re: Newcomers, introduce yourselves here!
« Last post by Cruzz999 on Today at 11:08:18 AM »
'Ello, I guess I might as well introduce myself here. I was introduced to this game a week ago by a streamer and youtuber, it looked neat, so I bought it. I have logged 107 hours in it so far, for an average of about 15 hours a day.

Considering the fact that I also work at 50%, I feel like this game is robbing me of quite a bit of my free time. All of it, actually. But that's all good, I'm enjoying it!

Haven't tried the multiplayer yet, but I might check that out if there are something akin to public servers. I can imagine several competing factions building up their wealth to gain power and control of the galaxy being incredibly cool.

See you in the center!

I would like to know what you have done to increase difficulty, because while you as the player can make the game as easy and difficult as you want, I would like to see some difficulty that pushes me a little harder and I am curious what options there are without designating hours/days of my time into research.


3mil omicorn xsotan ships in core.
Suggestions / Re: How ships break apart when colliding with something
« Last post by WSY on Today at 05:37:02 AM »
Did you have integrity field gens installed? A block can have 10x hitpoints and if 10x that blocks HP exceeds your total. You would pop.

Suggestions / Re: Improvements for loot
« Last post by WSY on Today at 05:34:54 AM »
For number 3 I use salvaging fighters, they will pick them up for you. Otherwise I agree, having to personally fly my star destroyer, or super carrier through each wreck is a little mystifying.

Though I have never tried the push or pull beams...
Hi Devious,

I am curious, what have you done to help address difficulty on your server?

While a friend of mine and myself are having lots of fun, I know if I wanted to power build a death cube I could probably zing through the game but I'm taking my time.

I would like to know what you have done to increase difficulty, because while you as the player can make the game as easy and difficult as you want, I would like to see some difficulty that pushes me a little harder and I am curious what options there are without designating hours/days of my time into research.

General Discussion / Re: Taking a break and final feedback until next big update
« Last post by RadiantFlux on November 23, 2017, 11:07:36 PM »
Ah, yes, I guess I should log in to some of the multiplayer servers and mods. :)
What server it the one you talked about?
Suggestions / Re: Telecommunication Beacons
« Last post by kakaoninja on November 23, 2017, 08:00:54 PM »
thats a very nice idea. i have had the same problems but didnt think it through like you did.
I think they should be detectable when youre in the very sector and have the sector scanner equipped, but not by mass signal, so you can hide them in really empty sectors. This would force you to establish multiple connections and might serve as some kind of radar incase they get destroyed to figure out where the enemy alliance might be.
And regarding Pirates- they dont seem to care about for example exodus beacons so if they would have the same class properties pirates wont be an issue.
News / Re: News: Dev Progress
« Last post by Hammelpilaw on November 23, 2017, 07:51:30 PM »
Great thing you finally add coal and raw oil mines to the vanilla game  :) But please do not forget diamonds and bio gas mines/factories.
Performance improvements for ship editor also sounds really awesome.
while your ideas go in the right direction, keep in mind that theres only 2 guys working on this game! it would be very hard to overhaul the ship generation algorythm to get rid of obvious weak spots which would result in even easier battles.
also i can assure you, simply changing the hp scaling of integrity shields wont fix the problem - if the game is too easy for you, play on insane difficulty, dont buy stuff etc etc, theres great many ways to enhance your experience in this game if you dont feel challenged enough :P
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