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Bugs / Re: AI trade haulers are utterly broken
« on: January 12, 2018, 06:49:59 AM »
I had to put no more than 2 stations  per sector.
Exactly as you say, if you put too many stations in a single sector it would become too hard to jump Just in time.
 Yep, not a fully satisfying solution, I fear. But I hope it helps you keep running stations.

Bugs / Re: AI trade haulers are utterly broken
« on: January 11, 2018, 08:05:36 PM »

Ugh, this bug is really annoying. I'm having the same issue. I want to drag attention from devs since I think this is a big problem, so I'll post a couple links.

When I first encountered it I wrongly named my post, yet I found the source of the problem here:

Also there's another guy having the same problem, here:

I think I found a 'solution' which is more a way to 'avoid' the problem. This issue occurs because the DockAI.lua script has a bug on the 71th line. Those lines says that:

  • Trading ship spawns
  • Said ship flys to station
  • Ship get stuck because 71th line can't be executed (ship's can't check docking when player is out of the sector)

The trick to avoid the problem is:

  • Unstuck the ship by any means OP just said before (I suggest just deleting ALL docks from the station, that works, me and 2 friends tested it)
  • Let the trade finish and wait for the yellow undocking tractor beam to finish the movement
  • Once you are out of the sector the station will notify you about the profits

This works because, according to trade.lua script, server has 2 ways of trading: actually spawning a trading ship and simulating trading. Simulation is only triggered if there's no pending trades for a given station. This happens for each station, so it's okay if there's traders stuck near NPC's stations. Only focus on your factory. In the server I am currently playing on, I have 7 stations running just fine.

If you reenter the sector, you'll have to repeat the steps.

Bugs / FREE CREDITS Trading posts generating free money
« on: January 02, 2018, 09:42:45 AM »
Devs, trading posts are seriously broken.

  • Trading post buys stuff without cost to me.
  • Once TP has the good inside its cargo bays, pick up the goods
  • Sell the stuff to the same TP
  • Repeat until you have 2.7 billion credits like me and get deeply dissapointed

You are selling its own stuff to the station!
Whos paying that?

Please please, fix this thing fast.

Bugs / Re: Traders spawning and not moving (update, I think I found source)
« on: December 28, 2017, 11:09:35 AM »
Also looks like factories for manufacturing are not.making anything even when they have all needed supplies. Ha e you seen this?

I have seen this issue, WSY, and after almost a whole day trying to understand it, I think I know what's happening. Station production dynamics had a drastic change and it should be better documented. Stations now need assembly blocks to decrease production time.
E.g.: let's suppose you want to build an advanced tech factory, an Accelerator Factory and you forgot to add assembly blocks. To calculate the production time game uses the following formula to calc the required 'effort' (aka value):

effort = goods price * number of goods produced per cycle * tech level of the good

in the case of the accelerator factory it would be:

3'010,344 = 125,431 * 3 * 8

Then you divide it between your assembly capacity, let's say you have 0 assembly blocks. By default if you have 0 assembly blocks, the factory gives you the minimum of 100/s assembly production capacity, so:

3'010,344 / 100 = 30,103    <- This is the time that you have to wait for your factory to finish JUST 1 CYCLE

Add more assembly blocks. Stations were reworked so crew cost is much lower now, so you could add a ton of assembly blocks to speed up the process.
Let's say you added a crap ton assembly blocks, so now you have an "assembly production capacity" of 20,000/s:

3'010,344 / 20,000 = 150 <- this is the time that you have to wait now. Just 150 (seconds or time intervals, I don't know).

BTW, I posted a bug that is annoying me and I think my bug is related to the OP's bug in some way. This is my post:


I feel that, in the case of the OP, the trading ship is getting stuck the same way as my problem, but it doesn't reacts at all.

Bugs / Traders not spawning when out of sector
« on: December 27, 2017, 09:05:08 AM »

I have a noble mine that belongs to an alliance I created. This mine produces gold/platinum when I am in or out the sector without problems. But the issue is that, even when the mine has full stock, I'm under 5 sectors loaded at the same time, and my mine is configured to sell stuff to npcs and also request buyers, traders do not spawn if I am out of the sector.
I checked the traders.lua script, and the idea seems to be to not spawn a trading ship anymore, but doing the transaction directly, and that is not happening.
Please, correct me if I am wrong, but trading out of the sector should work since 0.12, right?


Problem: Trading ships are not trading with stations while player is out of a sector, probably because AI gets stuck in a step of the process.

Steps to reproduce:

  • Build any station, producer+consumer stations prefered (e.g. solar panel factory)
  • Make sure you meet the production requeriments (i.e. add enough assembly blocks *v0.15 learned the hard way*)
  • Add enough crew
  • Wait for a trader to spawn to trade with your station (buyer/seller fails with both)
  • Leave the sector thinking that everything will run fine
  • Wait FOREVER (<- this is the BUG) for the trading ship paying you for the goods it is supposedly buying
  • Jump back to the sector to see what's wrong
  • Boom, transaction done!
  • Repeat

Current galaxy/station set up:

  • New galaxy v0.15.*
  • Random/Not random spawn sector
  • I built an accelerator factory on creative mode to test
  • I added a huge amount of assembly blocks just to be sure

I narrowed the problem:

I already checked the scripts involved in the trading process for both cases in-sector and out-of-sector and I think I found the script that's causing this issue:


Code: [Select]
69     if DockAI.dockStage == 2 then
70         -- once the ship is at the dock, wait
71>>    if station:isDocked(ship) then
72             ai:setPassive()
73             return true
74         end

The problem is in the 71 line of code, the function station:isDocked(ship) seems to require that the player is present in the sector to run. That's the point where the AI get's stuck until I jump back to the sector to witness the trade (and in the exact moment I'm in the sector, the moneyTransfer is done). For some reason the server can't check if a ship is docked with a station if I'm out the sector.

What I think it's happening:

NPC trader spawns to trade with my station, choose a free dock, and fly towards to it. I jump out of the sector in that moment. Once the NPC ship reaches the light path, it becomes passive and waits for the tractor beam to pull it. But then, the ship should wait until it gets pulled enough, and it tries to check if it isDocked(ship) but this function never returns. This situation causes that the server can't spawn any other traders because the station is occupied (including the immediate traders that, in theory, should address this issue when out-of-sector) and the ECONOMY FREEZES.

Sorry for extending this much, but this is a really annoying bug which I specially hate because I wish I could make a big empire that could pay my crew and ships and everything, instead I just can't leave my station alone or it becomes useless.

General Discussion / why are all servers outdated?
« on: September 20, 2017, 08:05:40 PM »
Some time ago I could login in, at least, 30 different servers that matched my client version. Now I can only find a single server and it shows me a ping of 200ms. I know that it could be related to me using the latest beta patch, but... this is weird. I have always used the latest patch.
Are all server admins not willing to update their servers?

General Discussion / Re: Is the ship safe after log-off?
« on: September 20, 2017, 07:53:34 PM »
I have another strategy to secure a sector:

I use big-asteroid blueprints to build ships to block gates in a secure sector. I place those huge asteroids inside the gates; due to their size they can't go through them. After that I build "chains" with rock around the gate frame so asteroids themselves can't be moved. Ships inside the neutral sector can't use gates. The downside is that ships that use those gates to travel to the neutral sector explode due to collision damage.

I use an unmodded avorion and I can confirm the tha same issue here.

Bugs / Re: Offline ships can be pushed through gates in a neutral sector
« on: August 09, 2017, 07:34:27 PM »
I had the same problem before (and posted about it before, too). I lost 3 freighters, 2 cruisers, 1 battleship and 3 stations because of this crap. What I usually do now is build asteroid like ships and block gates.
If I had access to the server, I'd mod the neutral sector generator script and remove the gates spawning script.

Bugs / Repair turrets not repairing through shields
« on: August 09, 2017, 07:23:21 PM »
Repair turrets are useless.

  • If you try to use "A" ship with a repair turret to repair "B" ship, and this "B" ship has shields, repair turret doesn't work. AI think that A ship is damaging B and you can see shields going down.
  • If you try to heal an allied NPC ship in the middle of a faction war YOU ARE SCREWED. Why? because, as I said before, repairing damages other ships and you get INSTAHATED by the faction you were trying to help. Ridiculous.

Make repairing go through shields. Also, LET US DECIDE who we want to repair. Repair turrets shouldn't in ANY CASE cause damage, it is a R-E-P-A-I-R TURRET. If I want to heal a pirate or the wormhole guardian then I should be able to. Fix this.

Bugs / Re: CRASH: Opening Energy Tab
« on: August 09, 2017, 10:43:36 AM »
Okay, I reported this issue at version 0.10.5.* and at version 0.12.5 it didn't work either. I felt as if it weren't going to be fixed ever and I just decided to never open the energy tab. I was sooo disappointed.

Today I opened that forbidden tab and, surprise, this was the first time I saw the energy tab. At version 0.12.6.* ... I have the impression that it was not deliberately fixed. Bad experience.

Hello, same bug, i canĀ“t look in the energy tab.
Venue Tablet CoreM, Windows 10


@SUperpete, does it work for you know? maybe you should give it a try now.

Troubleshooting / Re: "Escort me" ships not warping when I do
« on: May 24, 2017, 10:09:07 PM »
I can confirm the same problem. Randomly a ship with larger jump range than my current used ship, set to escort me, just stays there. Sometimes it doesn't even follow me.

Troubleshooting / Re: Error on founding station (Gas collector)
« on: May 24, 2017, 10:06:03 PM »
Really? you managed to build one!? So I just need to relog until I can build one? I'll try that in the noon.

Gameplay Discussion / Re: Problems with stick-like ships
« on: May 22, 2017, 11:02:05 PM »
I post this:

[...] I really hate those (IMO) stupidly long Xsotan ships (yeah, the ones that spin). I don't even know if it's possible to eliminate the code of those crap ships in lua scripts, but I'd prefer to know if that would affect achievements (yes is what I'm afraid I expect)

By the way... Come on! Anybody inside those large things would die instantaneously due to high centrifugal force. Just imagine the huge mess inside those ships: the kitchen! the bathroom!!! Nobody would build a ship like that  >:(

And this guy post this:

Anyone who has played this game knows about the dreaded ships that are as thin as you can make them. They are incredibly hard to hit unless you got lasers or whatnot, and they are just generally annoying. Does anyone else think they should be taken away and hidden in the closet forever?

Side note: When I see factions using a lot of stick-like ships, I literally do my best to kill them all

(I'm quoting to attract attention of devs of the relevance this annoying thing)

Suggestions / Re: No more "stick" ships
« on: May 22, 2017, 10:47:27 PM »
[...] I really hate those (IMO) stupidly long Xsotan ships (yeah, the ones that spin). I don't even know if it's possible to eliminate the code of those crap ships in lua scripts, but I'd prefer to know if that would affect achievements (yes is what I'm afraid I expect)

By the way... Come on! Anybody inside those large things would die instantaneously due to high centrifugal force. Just imagine the huge mess inside those ships: the kitchen! the bathroom!!! Nobody would build a ship like that  >:(

I post something similar before. I'm completely agree with you, I hate those ridiculous long ships, but actually I have not engaged toothpick ship recently, I thought they had dissapeared... I been playing in a multiplayer server, though.

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