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Wonderful idea ! That soundtrack really captures the feelings of Avorion at times. Maybe that will incite certain developments ;).

Is it just me, or are tracks 11, 12, 14 and 16  somehow broken?
Nope, also the case for me. The track "jumps" at various places. Maybe it's somehow copyprotected or due to encoding problems ?!
A few of the tracks got copyright claimed, so that could be the case.

EDIT: Oddly, the tracks that are supposedly having issues are not any of the copyrighted ones. I'll have to look into this
Thank you ! ! !
Everytime i feel like on an 80s Arcade Console :D
Mods / Re: [Mod][Beta] MineCorp
« Last post by TinchoX on Today at 12:25:59 AM »
Avorion ver 16.4....
i have tried mine corp ver. 1.3,1.4,1.5b,and 1.6.....
uninstall and reinstall game and mod multiple times....

I guess we'll have to wait for somebody with scripting knowledge to update this mod for us...  :(
these two look good, the client log is the most important also the server log, you can find both located in your %appdata% directory or if the server is on a seprate machine (usually linux) then taht can be found in /home/user/.avorion/

this is the server

package.path = package.path .. ";data/scripts/lib/?.lua"
package.path = package.path .. ";data/scripts/server/?.lua"
require ("factions")
require ("stringutility")

function onStartUp()
    Server():registerCallback("onPlayerLogIn", "onPlayerLogIn")
    Server():registerCallback("onPlayerLogOff", "onPlayerLogOff")
    Galaxy():registerCallback("onPlayerCreated", "onPlayerCreated")
    Galaxy():registerCallback("onFactionCreated", "onFactionCreated")

function onShutDown()


function update(timeStep)
    local server = Server()

    local guardianRespawnTime = server:getValue("guardian_respawn_time")
    if guardianRespawnTime then

        guardianRespawnTime = guardianRespawnTime - timeStep;
        if guardianRespawnTime < 0 then
            guardianRespawnTime = nil

        server:setValue("guardian_respawn_time", guardianRespawnTime)

    local serverRuntime = server:getValue("online_time") or 0
    serverRuntime = serverRuntime + timeStep
    server:setValue("online_time", serverRuntime)


function onPlayerCreated(index)
    local player = Player(index)
    Server():broadcastChatMessage("Server", 0, "Player %s created!"%_t, player.name)

function onFactionCreated(index)


function onPlayerLogIn(playerIndex)
    local player = Player(playerIndex)
    Server():broadcastChatMessage("Server", 0, "Player %s joined the galaxy"%_t, player.name)



function onPlayerLogOff(playerIndex)
    local player = Player(playerIndex)
    Server():broadcastChatMessage("Server", 0, "Player %s left the galaxy"%_t, player.name)


local s, b = pcall(require, 'mods/ShipScriptLoader/scripts/server/server')
if s then
    if b.onPlayerLogIn then
        local a = onPlayerLogIn
        onPlayerLogIn = function(c) a(c); b.onPlayerLogIn(c); end
    print("failed to load ShipScriptLoader", b)

this is the ships script

local Config = {}
Config.author = 'Dirtyredz'
Config.name = 'Ship Script Loader'
Config.homepage = "https://github.com/dirtyredz/AvorionBoilerPlate"
Config.version = {
    major=1, minor=1, patch = 0,
    string = function()
        return  Config.version.major .. '.' ..
                Config.version.minor .. '.' ..

Config.Scripts = {}

function Config.Add(scriptPath)

return Config

but im not sure how to find client log.....
Suggestions / Re: Give Players More Reason to Explore
« Last post by DivineEvil on March 22, 2018, 09:42:27 PM »
Give reclaimable wreckages boosts to performance that can't normally be built into ships. These boosts might be associated with the root block of the wreckage, or, if the boosts were big enough the wreckage might be uneditable or partially editable. If these boosts were varied enough and substantial enough then it would entice players to explore the galaxy in order to find these powerful, reclaimable wreckages. Don't concentrate the better ones near the center of the galaxy. Make the better ones more expensive to operate. If an early game player doesn't have the ability to reclaim the wreckage they can mark the location and move on to find one that's more suited to their current abilities then come back later.

I think that the recoverable ships has to be improved in much more simpler terms than that, at least for starters. As the feature goes now, its little more than a much more rare alternative to just finding the hidden cache, since the ship itself has little value.

In my opinion it should be a fully functional ship with visual style, unique weapons and modules included that you can claim, rather than just an empty, worthless piece of inefficient hardware, that is more of a burden, than a prize once recovered. Dev Team should design a much more tailored and precise algorithm for generating these ships with good parameters and varied block shapes, and rework the method of presentation with detector pointing directly at the ship and not at some artificially-looking setup of a beacon, a ship and a container. Once that is in place, then its a time to consider whether something along your suggestion is necessary or not.

2)Have captains and generals give boosts to ships. Create green/ blue/ yellow/ red/ purple captains/generals and pepper AI factions with them. Don't concentrate the most powerful captains/generals in the center of the galaxy. Instead, have the more powerful captains/generals require a much higher salary. Create random events in which players can destroy very powerful ships and obtain its captain or a general upon destruction(SPAZ).
Good idea, although far-fetched. Avorion definitely might help some more life put to it. I would certainly appreciate captains as characters with vastly varied portaits and generated names, which give the ship they operate some bonuses. Ability to hire the less powerful captains in friendly faction military outposts, and stronger captains at smuggler hideouts all over the galaxy, and perhaps on some additional neutral space outposts would be great. Without that, the game feels like a galaxy of lifeless drones piloting lifeless hulks to blow each-other till the end of times with nothing to relate to. Getting captains by destroying ships seems like a rather dumb idea though.

3)Don't concentrate the avorion/oganite turret factories in the center. The lack of avorion/oganite in the outskirts of the galaxy as well as the high cost of building turrets is enough to keep players from building high level turrets early game. This would give mid/late game players a reason to head back to the outskirts looking for better factories.
This idea goes a long way against the very core construct of Avorion. In fact, its the construct of the vast majority of games. There's a set goal somewhere in the game, and other areas lie in-between the beginning and that goal. One, there's no way to combat this - it is logically impossible. Two, there's no reason in doing so. Three, there's also no sense in having high-tech factories in low-tech regions. I understand it would create a reason to come back, however there's no reason to force people doing that either. They might already be willing to do so for gathering Iron for Inertial Dampeners and Shuttles, or for obtaining quick credits from selling titanium, or for collecting Naonite to build stations with and not from the more valuable materials. If there's a need to adjust the value of the sectors around the galaxy, it definitely is not done by the method you're suggesting.

4)Make better use of the "worshiper" sectors.
Eh, maybe, maybe not. I couldn't care less. I didn't understood the idea and purpose of these sectors from the start, and still do not.

5)Something like this is probably already in the works but . . Have AI faction headquarters give out a single, very challenging quest once a player is admired. If the player manages to complete this quest reward them with a max rolled legendary turret. Make these quests so challenging that attempting to complete one would require large amounts of time or a very powerful ship. This would cause mid/late game players to scour the outskirts of the galaxy looking to make friends with AI alliances in order to get these incredible turrets.
Again, there's no argument given to persuade players to come back. The suggested implementation also seems to have the same flaws as the point #3

6)This idea would require the ability for new AI factions to seed as well as more advanced game mechanics but maybe it's something to think about. Create "cosmic" upgrades. These cosmic upgrades might only be obtained by eliminating an AI faction's adversary completely. If adversarial relations shifted and not every faction had an adversary then finding these upgrades would require a lot of exploration. Since AI factions in the center are more powerful this would give mid/late game players a very good reason to explore the outskirts of the galaxy.
Two questions: Why would you want to promote complete annihilation of factions? Also, do you really believe, that somebody is going to go as far as to complete such an objective? I certainly would not.

7)Most importantly, make the game a lot more challenging so that players have a reason to explore for these things.  Increase the cost of building turrets. Make enemies more powerful. Make resources less plentiful. Decrease the efficiency of salvage turrets. Reduce the player's ability to gain credits. Nerf shields. Make the core a ruthless, nearly unbreakable place for truly powerful players who have invested hundreds of hours in the game. The game is just way too easy at this point which pretty much destroys the need to do any large scale exploration and shortens the lifespan of the game. This game is good enough to keep players interested for a longer period of time than it currently takes to master the core.
How does any of that is going to promote exploration exactly? For what I can tell, it might just escalate the grind. There's already a reasons for exploration, such as locating a convenient and visually appealing sector for a base and factory installations, gathering modules and weapons outside of combat, searching for useful wormholes, etc. Exploration already provides larger deposits for mining, abandoned structures for salvaging, smuggler outposts for monetizing stolen goods and so on. Your suggestion essentially has nothing to do with exploration as such, but would negatively affect it as well as broaden the gap between the new and veteran players in multiplayer. I think you should give it more thought.

(side note)Give upgrades more variety and surprise. Give higher level upgrades the chance to have one or two or three "sub" boosts from another type of upgrade.
I don't think making mixed modules is wise. It will make matters more confusing. It would be much better to just introduce varied stats to all modules, that are related to their function, and bring modules closer together in terms of value they provide.
Client log, server.lua, and shipscriptconfig.lua

That will help us lead you in the right direction
Creations / Re: Uploaded all of Avorion's OST and put it in a playlist for you guys
« Last post by Nachtu on March 22, 2018, 08:32:05 PM »
Wonderful idea ! That soundtrack really captures the feelings of Avorion at times. Maybe that will incite certain developments ;).

Is it just me, or are tracks 11, 12, 14 and 16  somehow broken?
Nope, also the case for me. The track "jumps" at various places. Maybe it's somehow copyprotected or due to encoding problems ?!

The same tracks weird for you as well?
hi there,

thanks for the mod.  i however, cant work out for the life of me whats wrong, as i cant load carrier commander mods either.

Ive installed it all to the letter,  but im not that experienced with mods like scripting.  i can confirm that it looks identical to yours, and the instructions, and that the carrier commander is also installed how it should be.

any ideas?   what do i need to post?
Creations / Re: Alliance Fleet Catalog
« Last post by BlackĀ® on March 22, 2018, 06:25:53 PM »
Thank you  ;D
And never forget a Bluetooth & W-Lan Hotspot, otherwise noone can use the Chat *Just kidding xD

I tested them also on one of my G-Portal servers, and well...


1x Paladin
2x Architeuthis
5x Mantis
(Total Blockcount 183082).

Everyone has to wait 7-12 Seconds when my Fleet enters the Sector.
"Oh, no Black is coming"  8) Muhahaha ^^

After the Fleet arrives it seems to works fine for "most" of them with strong CPUs,
everyone else with a weaker CPU then i5... well ups  ^^
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