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Mods / Re: Trying to fix/modify a old mod i think ?
« Last post by Raboy13 on Today at 10:59:06 AM »
Please patch the complex mod for 0.17 :)
Mods / Re: [MOD] Carrier Command
« Last post by Gantradies on Today at 05:18:27 AM »
A quick look at the CarrierCommander.lua showed that in the sector callbacks for fighter events a check for the (i guess) mothership enitity checks whether the faction of the ship entity and the fighter are the same.

Code: [Select]
line 163: if Entity(entityId).factionIndex == Entity().factionIndex then
That maybe ok if the faction for every mothership that uses carrier commands is different, but otherwise every carrier of the same faction holds messed up references to fighters in their squads.

Players and Aliiances are (behing the scenes) just extended Factions. The fighters started from a ship will always be of the same faction as the ship. It doesn't matter, if a player is flying it.

Regarding the crashes: These happened already in 0.16, but I still haven't found out why exactly.

On top of that Avorion's event system is not reliable anymore (and Carrier Command is literally build on it):
Sometimes registered events don't fire, which causes CC to not continue with its current task. This will e.g. show as fighters assigned to mine circle around the mothership despite there being asteroids left to mine.

When CC was published the Vanilla ship-commands did not work with fighters and would just let the ship do all the work. But the devs included fighter support.
So currently I recommend using the Vanilla tools at hand which have improved ever since.

eh, not enough to be a valid replacement really-unless you use mono-tasker which is ..well....
Gameplay Discussion / Re: Can't build a manuverable ship for crap
« Last post by chelatek on Today at 02:31:46 AM »
Was it also changed so that iron engines are always horrible and I need to get to better metals before I can build a good ship? Iirc iron is best for  some of the blocks right?

Iron is basically worst for anything. Only reason to  use for it is Inertial Dampeners, and/or lack of other materials. So move to Titanium asap, but still, even ship made out of Iron should be able to turn.

Now, if you check Workshop, you can easily see that there is a lot of good-turning ships, so it IS possible, now let's see how they do it.

First. Thruster, especially thrusters are your friends, so you need to know how they work.
(just in case: "thruster pancakes are no more, thrusters are now volume-based).

Thrusters give you more torque (which is what you want to rotate fast) the more lever they have.  Now,  to gain more lever, you want to place  your  thruster so that  it would be  as far  from center of your ship as possible. You can get good  results even by just placing simple (non-directional) thrusters  somewhere far from the center of mass of the ship. Bad rotational speeds can then be covered by gyroscopes (be sure to rotate them to achieve effect on the desired axis of rotation!)

But to really  control and imrove particular rotation speeds even on high-mass ships, you need to use directional thrusters.
You get maximum result if you place directional thruster rotated  to certain direction (axis) if you place it as far as possible from the line going through the center of mass in the same direction.

I bet this is completely non-understandable, so  some  more practical examples:

If you want to get more result from the thruster oriented along "up-down" axis, for example, you want to place it far to the side (left-right), in which case it will give you more roll, and/or to the back  or front, in which case it will give you more pitch.

Applying general principle to this example, you maximise lever by placing this vertically-oriented thruster as far as possible from the vertical line going through ship's CenterOfMass.

Likewise, to get maximum yaw/roll form "left-right" oriented thruster, you place it  further to  top/bottom , and/or further to back/front.

And, finally,  to get maximum  yaw/pitch form "backward-forward" oriented thruster, you place it  further to  left/right, and/or further to top/bottom.

Hope this somewhat  convoluted explanation helps a bit. Good luck!

Fantastic, I get what you're saying, thank you! To get over my paranoia of having my good thrusters blown off in combat, can I put armor over them? Or will the weight on the sides really affect how well they work since it would start to inch them towards center mass?
Mods / Re: Trying to fix/modify a old mod i think ?
« Last post by Scapoose on July 16, 2018, 10:11:39 PM »
So this is the code using player,price ,how ever i cant figure out where to rewrite what you have giving me in possible to making it work

Edit: put the full gate.lua into this

Code: [Select]
if onServer() then
package.path = package.path .. ";data/scripts/lib/cmd/?.lua"
package.path = package.path .. ";data/scripts/lib/?.lua"
require "common"
SectorGenerator = require ("SectorGenerator")
Placer = require ("placer")

function initialize(help, action, ...)
local flag, msg = false, ""
player = Player()
if action == "create" then
local ship = Entity(Player().craftIndex)
flag, msg = popWormhole(ship, ...)
player:sendChatMessage("Gate", 0, "Unknown action: "..action)
local station
function popWormhole(ship, x1, y1)
--local player,price = Player(),0
    if onClient() then
local player,price = Player(),0
    if not player:canPayMoney(price) then
        player:sendChatMessage("Station Founder"%_t, 1, "You Need 1000000 credits!")
if player:canPayMoney(price) then
local generator = SectorGenerator(Sector():getCoordinates())

    local faction = Faction()
    station = ShipGenerator.createShipGate(faction)
center = center or vec3()
    station.position = MatrixLookUpPosition(vec3(0, 1, 0), vec3(1, 0, 0), center + random():getDirection() * random():getFloat(500, 750))
local plan = PlanGenerator.makeGatePlan()

station.invincible = true

station.title = "Hacked Warp Gate"%_t
local sector = Sector()
local wormhole = createWormhole(station.translationf,x1,y1)

function createWormhole(center, x1, y1)
    center = center or vec3()
local wormholeLifetime = 55
    -- spawn a wormhole
    local desc = WormholeDescriptor()
desc.position = station.position
desc.cpwormhole.color = ColorRGB(0, 0, 1)
    local size = random():getFloat(75, 150)
local x, y = Sector():getCoordinates()
        local own = vec2(x, y)
        local d = length(own)

        local distanceInside = 355;

        local specs = SectorSpecifics()
        local x, y = Sector():getCoordinates()
        local coords = specs.getShuffledCoordinates(random(), x, y, 1, 25)
        local serverSeed = Server().seed

--local x1, y1 = Sector():getCoordinates()
    local wormhole = desc.cpwormhole
--local faction1 = Galaxy():getNearestFaction(x, y)
    wormhole:setTargetCoordinates(x1, y1)
    wormhole.visible = false
    wormhole.visualSize = 50
    wormhole.passageSize = 50
    wormhole.oneWay = false
    wormhole.simplifiedVisuals = true

--wormhole.title = getGateName()
    local wormhole = Sector():createEntity(desc)

    --local timer = DeletionTimer(wormhole.index)
    --timer.timeLeft = wormholeLifetime
wormhole.translation = station.translation
    return wormhole

Mods / Re: [MOD] Asteroid Respawner
« Last post by DracoNB on July 16, 2018, 07:51:59 PM »,3055.0.html

That one worked with 16 and most likely works with 17/18
Mods / Re: Trying to fix/modify a old mod i think ?
« Last post by Devious on July 16, 2018, 06:02:03 PM »
It looks like the Player.payMoney hook might have changed, you can find the API hooks in the documentation folder.

edit: found this
Code: [Select]
function var pay(string or Format [optional] description, int money, int... resources)
Code: [Select]
function bool, string, table<int, string> canPayMoney(int money)
News / Re: New look for the forum!
« Last post by Hammelpilaw on July 16, 2018, 05:38:01 PM »
Not related to the new design, but an issue in forum: Forwarding from http:// to https:// does add parameters to the forwarded URL, so you land on index.php when clicking a link with http.

Links to this topic, with and without https:
Link with https
Link with http

This results in many forum links that does not work anymore.
My apologies in advance if this answer was listed amidst the several pages I read through, but:

I know the MOD Developer hasn't done work on this project for a while so is that why only the crew commands work while the spawn commands are buggy?  I'll spawn say either a turret or system upgrade, yet the only appear in my physical inventory but are not available to slot via the upgrades or build menu (weapons.) 

Has anyone found a way to resolve this themselves?

Any help would be much appreciated.  I did and still love the MOD least for the crew fulfillment option.  Thank you!

That sounds like you create/joined an alliance. When you add turrets and upgrades via this script they're placed in your personal inventory. If you're part of an alliance, flying an alliance ship, you need to move these upgrades to the alliance inventory first for them to become available for slotting.
Mods / Re: [MOD]EVE Online music mod
« Last post by cdeeks on July 16, 2018, 01:51:54 PM »
Ok, Maybe someone have it.
Or it's only copy/paste from Eve Online folder?
I never moded any game and will be thankfull for help. I like Eve too.

I found a website last year with 100s of eve online music files and i converted them files to .ogg to put into avorion. Unfortunately i cant find that website if I do will drop the link here.   HERE it is :
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