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Title: Several graphical glitches
Post by: johnlg on December 02, 2017, 01:28:54 AM
Hello, here are a few graphics problems I've encountered recently:

Blocks with invisible sides -  https://imgur.com/MPPawco

This happens frequently when I place a block directly on a mirroring axis like so: https://imgur.com/PgY9z2Z
It occurs about half of the time, I'd say.  I haven't noticed any other conditions that might cause it.  This started with patch 15.1.

Strange shading errors -
Zoomed in slightly: https://imgur.com/D9WuipA
Zoomed out slightly: https://imgur.com/i8CXma5

After a certain camera distance from the ship, certain blocks on it will go completely black.  I have very little info on this one, although I feels like it might start after doing lots of mirroring, especially with multiple axis.  Probably not the direct cause though.  When I add/remove/change a block while zoomed out, it will appear to go back to normal until I zoom in close and then back out again.  Turning off Ambient Occlusion makes the ship always appear as it does in the 'zoomed out' screenshot.  The ship XML is a little too big for the forum, so here's a pastebin if you want to try spawning it:  https://pastebin.com/GdPEnB8J   

Strangely I kind of "fixed" another instance of it for a while by loading the blueprint on a newly founded ship after 15.2 came out, but it started again after a few hours. 

Turrets on rotation lock blocks -

When placing railguns (and perhaps also lightning cannons?) on a rotation block, the actual projectile/beam will be invisible if there's another block somewhat close to the turret, like the iron hull here:  https://imgur.com/zDIUiT6

The gun will still work fine and damage things, but it will only show the muzzle flash and impact, not the projectile/beam.  Lasers, cannons, chainguns etc. can all have blocks pressed right up next to the turret and still show the projectiles. 

GPU is an Nvidia GTX 970 with most recent stable drivers and Windows 10. 
Title: Re: Several graphical glitches
Post by: koonschi on December 03, 2017, 04:14:53 PM
Thanks for reporting! The blocks with invisible sides will be fixed soon and is a result of actually 2 blocks being in the same place.