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Creations / Re: Avorion season 2: Speed Run
« Last post by LordMaddog on Today at 07:46:21 PM »
General Discussion / Re: Calling for the death of the RNG god
« Last post by riess on Today at 06:02:16 PM »
Again, the problem is not that you can't beat the Naonite laser that you've found.

I've didn't find a laser. I've found factory. All my ships so far are mounting 10-20 lasers because nothing else tops that DMG per slot.

There's no dichotomy here in the first place.

Oh, but you acting to the contrary, taking 180 degree stance to everything that doesn't align with your points.

Unless somebody agrees with you, you will make it your point to contest all parts of message you are replying to. You'll go as low as to argue semantics, and then argue for red herring just to make sure you've got last word or "right" . I've observed it there, and I've observed it other feedback threads you are participating in.

The way you are arguing Avorion having RPG mechanics is meaningless to larger debate - a red herring. Bulk of people are describing this game the Space Diablo/Eve Offline. Even if you prove that characteristics of RPG are also present in other genres, that doesn't make logically sound counterpoint to Avorion mechanics overlapping with RPG genre.
Suggestions / Re: Scripting API requests
« Last post by Hammelpilaw on Today at 04:00:50 PM »
We can't, sadly. Not all operating systems (including Windows) support sub-millisecond resolution. That means, the microsecond api already only gave you millisecond resolution, meaning it didn't behave as intended. That's why we removed it.

This answer is from 7 years ago. QueryPerformanceCounter has been around since WinXP. In fact, I can't find any common OS /Language that doesn't support microsecond timing.

As far as I remember microseconds worked fine until it got removed... wich means it really threw out microseconds and not milliseconds.
Suggestions / Re: Avorion Galaxy Generation
« Last post by DivineEvil on Today at 02:46:44 PM »
A) could be set up in a way similar to Stellaris  and the game generates galaxies, set up in a spiral pattern
Stellaris generates the galaxy with a prerequisite, that star systems as a whole are important for the player. For Avorion Players, they aren't. Avorion uses sectors, and sectors simply represent a place where something is or isn't located. Multiple faction-populated sectors can be named the same, just with different postfixes, meaning they belong to the same star system.

In the early months of Stellaris, there were three interstellar travel methods possible - warp drives, hyperspace lanes and wormholes. Warp Drives were basically super-powered boosters, that allowed to travel slowly, but anywhere if the engine capacity allowed it. Hyperspace lanes were predefined synchronicity connections between the stars, with very fast travel across limited routes. Wormholes allowed long-range travel between any systems, but required special stations to be built, that would open wormholes between two points in range, so that you'd have to build those anywhere you want to depart from and come back to.  Warp Drives have been removed from the game relatively recently, as they were impossible to defend against, while Wormholes were rededicated to the rare find allowing for travel across the galaxy otherwise limited to hyperlane network alone.

Thus, in the Avorion game world, ship jump drives essentially operate like the warp drives, allowing for jumps in specific range, and Warp Gates operate like artificial Hyperspace links, but connecting specific orbits and areas, not the entire star systems. So, when you explore the Avorion galaxy extensively, it appears quite like the Stellaris galaxy and offer almost the same travel options. The only difference is that you spend time recharging the drive instead of waiting idly during the flight, and you need time to move between Warp Gates instead of the time stabilizing them. Space rifts operate much like the unlinked systems, and you only can cross them trough the wormholes, warp gates or trough the top-notch Avorion-based jump drive.

In conclusion, there's no clear difference in what you're proposing and what we already have in-game. I can agree, that perhaps we do not need the grid lines at all, as they spoil the perception of space, and we might need better navigation icons, that differentiate between empty sectors, sectors with asteroids, sectors with Smuggler Hideouts, faction capitals, mining and farming sectors and faction territory boundaries that distinguish between them regardless of your relations with either. These are two pieces of suggestion that I can see feasible, but otherwise the paragraph is based on the wrong understanding of sectors. Every sector can have a planet, a parent star and a nebulae, its just that some have interesting features and structures on those orbits, and some don't.

B) To liven up the Systems themselves, perhaps have it set up in a way that there is more going on in the system, rather than just one or two Asteroid fields. Possibly similar to the way that Rebel Galaxy creates systems, where there is stations and other important locations that you have to use a sublight warpdrive to move quickly over too. Would be a cool to have the main factions bases in the center then on the outskirts in an asteroid field a Pirate base, hidden, spawning ships and sending them in to attack the faction and you could be paid to get rid of them by the faction.  Creating more action for the player to engage with inside a system.

Again, everything you've just wrote is pretty much how Avorion operates. It's just that the primary method of travel is jump drives, and that cells on the map are sectors, not systems. If you place additional clusters of object inside the sector, there's a problem of finding those with player's limited radar range, and if you connect them via the booster gates, that you can use to travel between such clusters, it doesn't really offer much of an improvement over the warp gate networks we already have.

C)  it would also be cool, to help with finding all the factions buildings is, if you go to their main system go to the capital building and you can buy a map of their faction? would be cool just another idea.
Unexplored sectors have no prescribed content. They're classified as part of the network and as part of the faction territory, but until you actually visit them, there's virtually nothing there.
Suggestions / Re: Scripting API requests
« Last post by Sandworm on Today at 09:31:47 AM »
We can't, sadly. Not all operating systems (including Windows) support sub-millisecond resolution. That means, the microsecond api already only gave you millisecond resolution, meaning it didn't behave as intended. That's why we removed it.

This answer is from 7 years ago. QueryPerformanceCounter has been around since WinXP. In fact, I can't find any common OS /Language that doesn't support microsecond timing.
Suggestions / Re: Cargo runs
« Last post by tz7yo3g on Today at 04:07:36 AM »
On one hand maybe it makes sense for some AI control to be not in because it's multiplayer and having players work with you to do stuff would totally work and be fun easily in avorion, especially since it runs well in multiplayer. However for the times when no one is there or when, like I did to play on a big server, offer my cordial services as a cargo runner and scout and be ignored by everyone :D possibly because they didn't realize how easy it would be for one player to ship stuff for another, so I went off to explore and trade with the best sounding AI faction personality.

For this idea though AI control would be great especially in the very well done levels you're suggesting. I really like it, and maybe the material colors also suggest another idea : AI computer control blocks or modules, that would limit the level of what the ship could do by itself at the most, or maybe less flexibly, only each color can do that thing and nothing else. That would give you flexibility and balance. To limit min maxing, if you try adding more than one material type AI control block with others, it either drains crazy power, or adds crazy mass or something.  And you could still be as creative as you want with your option levels here if you are in the late game and have all the materials.
Suggestions / Re: Avorion Galaxy Generation
« Last post by tz7yo3g on Today at 03:47:33 AM »
I know what you mean about some of the emptiness being boring but I wonder that a lot of what is in the game sometimes is there for balance for mutiplayer with a certain average number of people there. Empty sectors both for spacing out factions, players, limiting jump drive effectiveness, limiting travel times and having lots of space for players to make bases I guess. Since there are no hyperdrive lanes though it makes me think your idea could be helpful by making more sectors into blocked (unjumpable space-time disrupted type) space, so there would be more of a terrain to space, more than only rings toward the center. I dont know if servers can edit this yet but it would be cool to think also that sectors could become even temporarily disrupted space, and then change back. I guess then you'd need some calculation to make sure player owned sectors can't be blocked off from everything, so players still have at least one line of sectors to have a path out. Maybe though the game could slow down jump travel through any sector by any amount.  That would simulate and be better than jump lanes or only worm holes. So then your jump circle would become odd-shaped for certain areas possibly at certain times only.

At first when I started I wanted maps, but then I thought it would hurt exploring more by allowing them. Otherwise traders get a huge immediate advantage and don't have to invest hiring a scout player or doing it themselves in order for the payout of knowing good trading and mission spots. Though I guess you can get data from an alliance fast, the idea seems a little unbalancing if not cheatyish, depending on how much data is given. For alternatives I wonder about making it so that you can sell map data on a per-sector basis to other players individually, and or only allow trading it based on some other things that make sense to trade in return.
General Discussion / Re: Calling for the death of the RNG god
« Last post by DivineEvil on Today at 01:21:39 AM »
Depending on your luck, the turret factories can be total garbage. I've explored 1/4 of my current galaxy outside the barrier and entire barrier and I am yet to find turret factory beating that one Naonite laser I've found 3 hours into the game. I can't find any Ogo mining laser with effectiveness greater than 15% or salvaging laser better than 20%.

By placing some bounds you will get more predictable RNG on turret factories.
Mmm, not really. Its just changes the consideration of what is to call garbage. The RNG will work all the same. Again, the problem is not that you can't beat the Naonite laser that you've found. The problem that you can't just bring that laser to the factory and reproduce it. Not sure about the Ogonite turrets you were searching - I can hardly find a factory, that grant Xanion turrets that bad.

This is false dichotomy.
There's no dichotomy here in the first place.

Also Avorion already implements mechanics from RPG games:

- procedurally generated game world like in roguelikes
- randomized loot with different classes of uniqueness
- research stations are de-facto Horadric Cube/Gnome Chaos Machine
- accessories enhancing certain stats of characters
Neither of these features are RPG-specific. Roguelike is a roguelike, not RPG - most RPGs has a setup world.
Randomized loot does not make the game an RPG - many RPG games has set items with different rarity ratings, that are simply not displayed.
Research stations doesn't make the game an RPG - vast majority of RPGs do not have anything like that.
Stats enhancements do not make the game an RPG - some racing games, simulators and action games also has those.

RPG is a game, where player controls a single or a group of characters with certain defined specializations and associated progression paths, that are moving across the game world following objectives and making decisions with variable outcomes and solving problems in a variety of ways depending on the character feats. So the RPG features applicable to other genres may include but are not limited to: Created and pre-designed characters, specialized character classes,  extensive prescribed level-based progression, quests with variable outcomes based on player's choices, dynamic inter-party relations, moral and immoral actions, etc.

You only learn to understand the distinction if you've played RPGs of the old days. Today, we have all of those cool new bells and whistles, that make such games more appealing and replayable, but they never were what made the game an RPG nor made a MMO into a MMORPG.
Bugs / Re: API: Server():getPlayers() returns 0 players
« Last post by Sandworm on August 19, 2018, 11:08:37 PM »
I'm *just* starting to fiddle around with scripting, and this is one of the first functions I was messing with in the console. I'm also Single Player Win 10 x64 on r12552.

In the console if I do
Code: [Select]
/run Server():getPlayers()it returns a Player object.
Code: [Select]
/run Server():getPlayers().namereturns the correct name.
Code: [Select]
/run x = {Server():getPlayers()}, print(x)prints nil.

I'm also just learning LUA - do the "{}" in variable declaration denote an array? Because it seems weird that that my first example returns a Player object, but surrounding it with curly braces to make it an array variable screws things up. 

Mods / Re: [MOD][Any side] Transfer Cargo Tweaks - cargo and crew Transfer Tab QoL
« Last post by Rinart73 on August 19, 2018, 10:29:05 PM »
Sandworm, This is possible to implement, I'll look at this.
Thank you for an idea  :)
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