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Scripting API requests

Started by Hammelpilaw

New batch of approved features!

Started by akagetsu

Read This First

Started by koonschi

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turret factory built time

Started by Wanderer

Shields OP? Here's a unique fix! (Total rework)

Started by Olexphyre

Improving Avorion’s loading experience

Started by pixtim

Ship-combat improvement ideas (Rotation and face direction)

Started by quetzocoatl

Can be deleted

Started by Rinart73

Salvaging Fighter Algorithm for Shorter Time and Higher Cleanliness

Started by struct_Nitori

rewards for research too low

Started by Mister-E

Cargo runs

Started by Kamo

Let us change ship position, rotation and velocity while player is inside

Started by Rinart73

Add build time to non-creative mode

Started by Perq

Captain Rank

Started by J4H3AD

Minor useability improvements.

Started by TheDeadlyShoe

Player made gates?

Started by Gamer Senpai

Hyperspace travel animation

Started by warpdrive64

New mining/salvage turrets

Started by plablo

API to install upgrades, invokeFunction by script index

Started by Rinart73

More blocks then 250 in the turret builder

Started by Flasham


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