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Can't build a manuverable ship for crap

Started by chelatek

The Cube Meta and How You're Helping To Enforce It

Started by SageThe13th « 1 2 3 ... 5 »

Let's Talk About Fleets...

Started by Khorius Irelius « 1 2 »

At Tragic Heights - Naonite Pirate Cruiser wreaking havoc in Late Iron Sector

Started by Kamo

tesla inaccuracy?

Started by Wanderer

So bigger torp launcher are useless ?

Started by Hellatze

Please Stop Destroying Civil Ships!

Started by GOForce3

in build mode how do i remove a turret

Started by chronoss2008

fast 160 Std in Avorion - mein Erfahrungsbericht

Started by Evanur

Fighter Production

Started by dopp

Recent changes in turret balance favor instant-dmg weapons too much

Started by riess

Another random player's thoughts on Torpedoes (and weapon emplacements)

Started by Atroika

regarding faction gain/loss

Started by Kampfkrapfn

I Can't Get the Brotherhood Artifact Quest to Work

Started by Otto

salvaging - really SO time-consuming ?

Started by Kampfkrapfn

weird Sector after disconnect in SP

Started by Kampfkrapfn

Switch to sector not working in MP

Started by seumas

Question about Quad/Triplle/Double Turrets | Update question about color pattern

Started by Reyneven

Neutral Zones: Xsotan attacks?

Started by seumas

I don't understand turret DPS

Started by Speed « 1 2 »


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