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Custom Jumpgates?

Started by Bio

Auto-salvaging ignores license and starts a war?

Started by LiftPizzas

Mouse window lock issue?

Started by enthnal

are all the ships we see in the menu, loading screens saved somewhere?

Started by coffeekitty

Building Fighters with Shields

Started by jspiers667x

Faction Pack Question

Started by TESL4

Alliance Home Sectors

Started by jspiers667x

First playthrough and some station questions

Started by Uzkul

How exactly do neutral zones work?

Started by Harpsichord

The adventurer ghosted me...

Started by MooseOfNorway

[SPOILERS] new 'event' after Endboss very overpowered - am I doing it wrong?

Started by scorpnoire

How to improve faction relations from "bad" to "neutral" and above?

Started by Ralfinho

Making big money after 1.0 and station changes?

Started by Gorbald

Mines do not buy stuff anymore?

Started by Sir Charles

Mining AI

Started by Xerilias

Trade Price Bug or Am I Missing Something?

Started by fiestamasta

AI trading / exploration like in X series?

Started by max2veg

Building Upgrades?

Started by HXn3e3qdWRT5

Seeds for Version 1.0

Started by SneakyTacts

Omicron Modifiers of ‘Hardcore’ and ‘Insane’

Started by SneakyTacts


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