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Question About AI Ship Effectiveness

Started by SneakyTacts

Turn a non-station-founder ship into a station

Started by Carnaxus

How big do turrets get?

Started by SneakyTacts

Loose fighter squad

Started by Gamer Senpai

The Mobile Energy Lab has 3.00011e6 firepower.

Started by Speed « 1 2 »

Share your production chains!

Started by Nachtu

Any tips for building fighters?

Started by SneakyTacts

Let's Talk About Fleets...

Started by Khorius Irelius « 1 2 3 »

What ever happened to salvaging?

Started by Wanderlust

Resource asteroids

Started by DarkJester

Where can i get fuel and rockets?

Started by Sir Charles

Copy NPC Designs?

Started by Deter

What are the best defensive fighters?

Started by Nachtu

Stations and fighters

Started by DarkJester

Looting other player's weapons and systems in a PVP server

Started by Blitz2k

The Cube Meta and How You're Helping To Enforce It

Started by SageThe13th « 1 2 3 ... 5 »

Mods compatibility

Started by Cemuvi

Mobile Energy Lab can drop its overpowered lightning turrets.

Started by Barnett

OPERATION EXODUS Just bad design

Started by ww667

PVE is broken, it ruins PVP and makes all combat boring - here's why:

Started by DAGMARthePIRATE


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