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Reconstruction token. Price exploit an bug?

Started by xisec

How to make the AI an Ally?

Started by gigaus

Fractions become agreressive for no apparent reason

Started by FritzHugo3


Started by johnny21121

Nerf manoeuvrability please. This will fix major issues with the game.

Started by SnakeWildlife « 1 2 »

Feedback on Avorion - shared by several gaming communities

Started by Palad1n

Energy weapons overnerfed?

Started by Erik9631

PDCs not working well

Started by Quellcrest


Started by johnny21121

Head Hunters Balancing <<<<<<<<<<<< !!!!!!!!

Started by johnny21121

How to supply 3 stations in 1 sector with 1 type of good, without NPC traders?

Started by Gorbald

Alternatives to cargo shuttles?

Started by PacothePig

New player here. Lost interest quickly due to Integrity Field Generator. :/

Started by Jhaerik

Mining question.

Started by AK89

How to work around bad camera in combat?

Started by Phleem

Assembly Lining a Sector

Started by Dreadnoughter

attack order

Started by swhostettler

Faction relationships

Started by swhostettler

How to make an Ally ????

Started by xandorblek

Getting Queued Mining to Work/Loop

Started by Anthony AyeDog


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