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Copy NPC Designs?

Started by Deter

Fleet AI?

Started by GOForce3

Point defense weapons

Started by Texmar21

Now that torpedoes are in, what about CLOAKING?

Started by SivCorp

LOVELY GAME!!! Finally brought what i truly wished for in the space genre!

Started by Bionoman

The Mobile Energy Lab has 3.00011e6 firepower.

Started by Speed

How do I load missiles?

Started by Happyhappycub

Finding the AI boss

Started by Xaoc

After the Trapisonda Curse... - Ships stuck while salvaging

Started by Kamo

Is it possible to completely wipe out a faction?

Started by Riftmaster

Strange goods and goods mechanics...

Started by Speed

Let's Talk About Fleets...

Started by Khorius Irelius « 1 2 »

Another random player's thoughts on Torpedoes (and weapon emplacements)

Started by Atroika

Fighter Production

Started by dopp

Can't build a manuverable ship for crap

Started by chelatek

The Cube Meta and How You're Helping To Enforce It

Started by SageThe13th « 1 2 3 ... 5 »

Please Stop Destroying Civil Ships!

Started by GOForce3

Share your production chains!

Started by Nachtu

At Tragic Heights - Naonite Pirate Cruiser wreaking havoc in Late Iron Sector

Started by Kamo

tesla inaccuracy?

Started by Wanderer


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