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Why are Pulse Cannons so bad?

Started by MoronicCinamun

Economics Balance Problems

Started by tulubin


Started by rolphaline

What's up with (0, 0)?

Started by Yeedo

Why do only two out of 4 ships escort me?

Started by Rudolf Pflanz

Economics and Stations Balancing

Started by theCrow

Will normal turrets work on one of my AI Controlled ships?

Started by Cosian

Popup Messages

Started by bcr666

Lost Ship? How to find them in sector

Started by Rudolf Pflanz

Make turret factory only build duplicates of turrets found, bought or researched

Started by Speed

Torpedo Classes

Started by J4H3AD

Project Exodus issue (no coordinates?)

Started by RediusMaximus

How do you match colours for sections of ship already built?

Started by 25hz

where are torpedoes?

Started by infotron

The Issue of Scale

Started by Deadonstick

turret and grade vs damage

Started by Burnthalo

Torpedo from a pirate = onehit (4,5 million hull and 21 million shild)

Started by Shrek

Some beginner insight to AI mining/salvaging

Started by alioth

[Ritual] - sectarians and the circle of asteroids

Started by ID-ASP

[experimental] The persecutors aka Torpedo gang

Started by WhatTheDuck


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