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Tips for ship building

Started by LordHavoc « 1 2 3 4 »

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How to make allied ships jump

Started by Torokin

Turret Factory Chain Diagram ! Work In Progress

Started by Knightoout

Advanced Money Making and Some Tips about Stations Production.

Started by Gontarekt

Finding lost ships on crashes and fixing sector crashes

Started by Gabeux

Sir Charles' Guide(s)

Started by Sir Charles

The Avorion Survival Guide - Complete Beginner's Guide Series

Started by ZIGGYD

[Request] Detailed/ in-Depth guide about the ins and outs of Custom Turrets

Started by Gantradies

Ship Scaling

Started by Warrax

Block Material Analysis Guide

Started by Shadowflare

Specific Block Scale

Started by Unome

"Orders"- Guide Creation

Started by DAGMARthePIRATE

Ship Building - Lighting

Started by Immortal Traveller

Hyperspace Reach Increment Formulas & How the Devs Try to Mislead Us!

Started by xisec

Rusty's Galaxy, Artifact Stats Range and How to Grind them

Started by Gontarekt

[Guides] NerArth's Guides

Started by NerArth

[Request] Fleet Commander Guide

Started by Grungle

[request] Guides that aren't video guides.

Started by TheGreyGooSFWarnedAbout

Server Hosting: Can you move your single player server files to a hosted one?

Started by seumas

Change Rocket Velocity

Started by Razorjack


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