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Tips for ship building

Started by LordHavoc « 1 2 3 4 »

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Hyperspace Reach Increment Formulas & How the Devs Try to Mislead Us!

Started by xisec

Advanced Money Making and Some Tips about Stations Production.

Started by Gontarekt

Ship Building - Lighting

Started by Immortal Traveller

Rusty's Galaxy, Artifact Stats Range and How to Grind them

Started by Gontarekt

[Guides] NerArth's Guides

Started by NerArth

[Request] Fleet Commander Guide

Started by Grungle

[request] Guides that aren't video guides.

Started by TheGreyGooSFWarnedAbout

Finding lost ships on crashes and fixing sector crashes

Started by Gabeux

Server Hosting: Can you move your single player server files to a hosted one?

Started by seumas

Block Material Analysis Guide

Started by Shadowflare

Change Rocket Velocity

Started by Razorjack

Turret Factory Chain Diagram ! Work In Progress

Started by Knightoout

In-Depth Tutorial for new players, the full guide completely

Started by DeathTech

Avorion Resource Map

Started by Khorius Irelius

Master tactician Help!

Started by _OMAR_

Just one thing i have noticed about Hangars.

Started by Suneku

QUESTION. About turret types...

Started by _OMAR_

Production Chains

Started by Teklor

The Avorion Survival Guide - Complete Beginner's Guide Series

Started by ZIGGYD


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