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We should give NPC ships the wisdom and Tactics

Started by deep

Thruster and engine mechanics feedback

Started by Azorien

my thoughts on diplomacy update so far (BETA 0.26)

Started by Gambit42

Fighter's problems and the ships of the factional groups

Started by deep

Faction Size increase and Faction strength issue

Started by Mamif

Please can we get a dev mode option to change reputation

Started by deredere

Rocket Launchers with the Guided Trait still easily destroy relations

Started by EVWeb

Restart or Close Server instat of Log Spam

Started by Thoron

Boarders disappearing mysteriously

Started by Gorbald

Ship that is being boarded easy to destroy, huge consequences

Started by Gorbald

Some ${variables} in the localization file are missing.

Started by deep

Xsotan damage buff is too much

Started by aranmaho

SLOWEST fighter is a serious problem.

Started by deep

XSOTAN Damage Buff is a bad choice.

Started by deep

New player ideas

Started by tipsymagi

Allow AI Ships to Use Gates

Started by Shrooblord

HarvestAI (the 'I' is a real stretch)

Started by Sandworm

April 2019 Suggestions

Started by Travis9x

My Feedback on the game (german)

Started by Sir Charles

Cargo Hold and wreckage material

Started by Chaserx26


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