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Started by thedamngod

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Improving relations between alliance and ai-factions is too slow

Started by unbekannt1984

Beta branch build bar as of 1/9/19

Started by TESL4

Server lockup/crash

Started by DarkJester « 1 2 3 »

Strategy mode keeps crashing the game

Started by Diogo

[0.20.2] "FactionDataBase failed to load file for AI faction 0"

Started by MRT

[0.20.2] Alliance Salvagers Deposit Turrets in Player Inventory

Started by MRT


Started by plablo

Tool-tip random characters

Started by tkdestroyer1

Installed systems are invisible until loading

Started by tkdestroyer1

Game's asking me if I want to "Enter the ship" on a torpedo

Started by Drenghel

Group management

Started by DarkJester

PDC's and FLAK turrets shooting my own torps!

Started by BenWinston

Messages in the dedicated server console since last update

Started by DarkJester

Missing transfer to alliance button Beta 0.20.1 r13434

Started by DarkJester

Trading Module Does Not Function after jumping

Started by Glockshna

Multiple items in cargo bay crashes the client

Started by Osalot

"Gate is not ready" bug is back

Started by Rinart73

[0.19.0] XSTN-V Artifact Has Incorrect Jump Range

Started by EyeDeck

Guardian fighters not targeted by defense turrets

Started by nbanyan


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