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Started by thedamngod

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loot gathering bug(i guess)

Started by plablo

Coax muzzle location bug

Started by J4H3AD

MMB to select Turrets doesn't work

Started by Taquar

Pause while in building mode still allowing ships to move and spawn

Started by Ulrich_Rüstungjäger

Turrets(and now custom turrets) vanishing when repairing

Started by Ulrich_Rüstungjäger « 1 2 »

coax point defense

Started by Wanderer

Issue in pirategenerator.lua - Devs please

Started by Hammelpilaw

"The production line you chose doesn't exist. " error

Started by Laserzwei

problem with (broadcast-)invokeClientfunction

Started by Laserzwei

[0.17.1+]: "Unknown" instead of faction name when selling asteroid

Started by riess

Turret factory broken

Started by maxfire

Tooltip in market window ignores tabs

Started by maxfire

[MP] Turret groupings changing

Started by joemorin73

[16.4 Beta] Independent targeting turrets orders are lost when loading the game

Started by riess

[0.16.5] Desync between graphic pipeline and ship block structure

Started by [DM]Origin

[0.16.0] Constantly 100% server load

Started by Hammelpilaw

[0.16.7]Turretcalculation still buggy.

Started by Thoron

[0.16.2] Server crash logs

Started by Devious

Wreckage may fail to be salvagable until you bump it with ship.

Started by macrogramz


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