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Started by thedamngod

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[0.19.0] XSTN-V Artifact Has Incorrect Jump Range

Started by EyeDeck

Guardian fighters not targeted by defense turrets

Started by nbanyan

"Gate is not ready" bug is back

Started by Rinart73

Low-Rarity Hyperspace Upgrades can have price 0

Started by Rinart73

Petty/Common/Uncommon Shield Boosters tooltip bug

Started by Rinart73

MOVED: Multiplayer - random profile rollback, ship deletion and ship duplication.

Started by cepheni

Sector, ai and ai turret bug

Started by plablo

[0.19.0] Shieldbooster issues

Started by Hammelpilaw

[0.19.0] Moving installed System upgrade to empty slots crashes the server SP+MP

Started by Smokymakpot

[0.18.3] Consistent Game Crash

Started by Dshman

0.18.3 - Entity():setToFlyToLocation - infinite spinning

Started by Rinart73

0.18.3 - "Valuable Objects Detected" message doesn't disappear

Started by Rinart73

0.17-0.18.3 - 'unregisterEnemyEntity' doesn't seem to work

Started by Rinart73

Memory usage keeps increasing

Started by Kamo

Energy Suppressors allow to get Ogonite/Xanion from anywhere

Started by Rinart73

Torpedos with size 1 don't fit in torpedo cargo with size 1

Started by Rinart73

NPC with Coax weapons

Started by Hammelpilaw

[0.18.2] Can't update turret design on Steam Workshop

Started by narhiril

[0.18.2][API] ComboBox doesn't display its tooltip.

Started by Sandworm


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