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Started by thedamngod

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could not execute function 'Factory.updateParallelSelf'

Started by netq

Beta 0.21.2 Bug List

Started by icycooladdict

[0.21.2] Selling thousands of items to tiny outposts.

Started by SneakyTacts

Mining ship reverses out of sight!

Started by Halfton

Armed turret using 1 armed and 1 unarmed slot.

Started by enthnal

Docking-Functions are not waterproof

Started by unbekannt1984

[0.21.1] Entity:removeCargo()

Started by Laserzwei

Out of sector docking

Started by enthnal

New Game Beta 20.5- Can't apply saved ship designs

Started by enthnal

Out Of Sector, Sector sleeps after a minute without a player

Started by zel0t

Beta branch build bar as of 1/9/19

Started by TESL4

Fighter flying bug

Started by Salminar

Improving relations between alliance and ai-factions is too slow

Started by unbekannt1984

Server lockup/crash

Started by DarkJester « 1 2 3 »

Strategy mode keeps crashing the game

Started by Diogo

[0.20.2] "FactionDataBase failed to load file for AI faction 0"

Started by MRT

[0.20.2] Alliance Salvagers Deposit Turrets in Player Inventory

Started by MRT


Started by plablo

Tool-tip random characters

Started by tkdestroyer1


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