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[beta 0.11 r7857]Wormhole super short

Started by Mattes

Chat spam filter not cooling down

Started by Devious

[r7854] Ship center being lost/offset re-entering build mode

Started by Doc Savage NDMF

[r7847] CTD / Lag issue redux

Started by Doc Savage NDMF

Turret Factory bug

Started by aven17

[r7633] First crash after moving to Linux and remaining errors

Started by Devious

railgun projectile does not happen on lockblock while stationary

Started by darkconsole

more directional thrust issues

Started by darkconsole

[r7633] ActivateTeleport.lua error for spawning the 8 asteroids near the barrier

Started by Haman Karn

[Fixed] Gates going to the center

Started by Devious

Dedicated server crash?

Started by Cralis

Logs returning this error that is tied to factionwars

Started by n0etics

Ctrl-Mouse Camera Action Alters Ship Axis

Started by Jadeosprey

An exception occurred: Callback from scene (

Started by plasmabug

[r7633] Easy Delivery Not So Easy

Started by DotSplat

No Secret Stashes Anywhere

Started by Jadeosprey

Traffic jam at gates when moving to new sector.

Started by War Viper

Ships at 0:0 after login

Started by addictedfaye

[7565] player spawns in random ship

Started by LoSboccacc

MAD scientist (no research ships/satellites)

Started by Mcleod « 1 2 »


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