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Scripting API requests

Started by Hammelpilaw

New batch of approved features!

Started by akagetsu

Read This First

Started by koonschi

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Super Weapons

Started by BuffLizardMan

Stealth Capabilities?

Started by Texmar21

Unmarked Sector Diversity

Started by bit

Clickable URL in chat or e-mail

Started by DrMasik

Freedom for Illegal Slaves

Started by Kamo

About your own fleet, diplomacy, and a empire

Started by necromenta

error or not

Started by KRAKENT

Allow us to select current ship as a target for fighters (because repair)

Started by Rinart73

Improving Avorion’s loading experience

Started by pixtim

[API] ShipAI - a way to check if entity/faction registered as an enemy/friend

Started by Rinart73

[QoL] Show Alliance ships on the Galaxy Map

Started by Rinart73

Energy Suppressor Satellites should turn into wrecks when they burn out

Started by Rinart73

Enemy attack AI priority improvement needed

Started by Rinart73

Cargo runs

Started by Kamo

Awesomeness in the Editor, AI Traits and Sandbox Simulation

Started by tz7yo3g

Avorion Galaxy Generation

Started by NITROtbomb

turret factory built time

Started by Wanderer


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