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New batch of approved features!

Started by akagetsu

Read This First

Started by koonschi

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Scripting API requests

Started by Hammelpilaw

API to install upgrades, invokeFunction by script index

Started by Rinart73

More blocks then 250 in the turret builder

Started by Flasham

Suggestion; Inertia Dampeners on Stations

Started by RCTFORME

rewards for research too low

Started by Mister-E

Ways to avoid losing your ship to enemy damage during/after server crash.

Started by RCTFORME

Station Information

Started by saith70

Server Status API

Started by Big Destroyer

A more strategic addition to engagements

Started by Testpilot14

Suggestion about Battle and life in space

Started by Pandemonium

Save Path, Player Creations and Sector Switching

Started by BuffLizardMan

Creative mode turrets

Started by Rashuga

Electrical Storms

Started by Gontarekt

A few things i'd like to see

Started by jamesdread

Pause game on certain chat windows

Started by TenguKnight

What I would like to see.

Started by Avitus12

A few things I've noticed that could use some improvment

Started by Turest

The larger the ship, the higher the limit for blocks on turrets?

Started by Hetz


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