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Scripting API requests

Started by Hammelpilaw « 1 2 »

New batch of approved features!

Started by akagetsu

Read This First

Started by koonschi

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NPC Ship Folder

Started by Alfred-B228

Engine / Weapon sound synth

Started by freelikegnu

One or two ideas

Started by Supercruise

"Tilesets" for AI-Ships and a unique Xsotan-Design

Started by Sir Charles

Casino Station Gambling

Started by MeshThe2nd

Just a thought (Game controls)

Started by AK89

Build mode's block visibility and layers

Started by Spidyy

Badly damaged - suicide option?

Started by pelican

Target healthbar

Started by pelican

suggestion for rotating/moving parts

Started by monk120

Color Blind friendly

Started by DoorsMonster

Shipyard change: building ships from commodities (trading goods)?

Started by Sir Charles

Inside the core. An idea of story and mechanics. (+factory ships)

Started by Sir Charles

Allow players to travel to any sector of the galaxy in creative mode.

Started by Sir Charles

Button to repair all destroyed blocks but not the ship

Started by Sir Charles

Some more love to keaboard steering and Strategy Mode

Started by Sir Charles

"Legendary" items that are actually cool & better object selection in sector.

Started by Sir Charles


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