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Scripting API requests

Started by Hammelpilaw « 1 2 »

New batch of approved features!

Started by akagetsu

Read This First

Started by koonschi

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Exclude Xsotan breeders from enemy target selection

Started by Wanderlust

Protect the piloted ship until player will finish loading a sector

Started by Rinart73

Softcore, Mediumcore, Hardcore

Started by Go Seigen

Make reflector blocks immune to laser turrets

Started by Wanderlust

Tại sao quà tặng gốm sứ Bát Tràng lại có giá trị đến thế?

Started by Robert196

Turret accurate DPS display and better sorting

Started by Pesinario

Econ Fix

Started by Mister-E

Avorion updates

Started by Meesmaalt

Just another "100 hours in feedback" post...

Started by leto

"You kill civilians so we don't like you"

Started by Perq

Namespaces for System Upgrades (with ready-to-go code)

Started by Rinart73

Using LuaJIT instead of Lua 5.2?

Started by Rinart73

Build Mode

Started by Warrax

Add SLOT 5 coaxial gun dummy turret to creative mode

Started by deep

Stealth Capabilities?

Started by Texmar21

NPC station protection and NPC Station strength should make sense for its zone.

Started by nbanyan

Mining/Salvaging Mechanics

Started by BenWinston


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