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How to use the Bug Reporter: Steps to Reproduce

Started by koonschi

Read This First

Started by koonschi

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mine.lua and salvage.lua call setAIAction, but it doesn't work

Started by Rinart73

Exploitable behaviour in turret crafting and selling earning billions

Started by Devious

Deleting entity via "deleteEntityJumped" doesn't produce any callbacks

Started by Rinart73

Craft Orders - wrong AlliancePrivilege check?

Started by Rinart73

Sending turrets/upgrades to the chat - localization should be on receiver side

Started by Rinart73

False claimables~

Started by Kamo

Notification background taking UI focus

Started by Kamo

AI problems to slow down when docking with player stations and Escort me command

Started by BlastedWay

Entity error in clientlog every time an Xsotan fleet jumped in

Started by Morpheus2014

ComboBox bugs - 15 items max and no way to select if outside of the window

Started by Rinart73

Bug: Hints still show up even when disabled, especially when using another PC

Started by RCTFORME

LUA_PATH causes problems with "require"

Started by Rinart73

Could not create GL context ( i don't know if it's a bug or something else).

Started by Endlas

Constant unresolved scans, fines, and rep. hits.

Started by nbanyan

Game only runs well in steam offline mode

Started by nGear

Inertia Dampener Bug

Started by asauhdf

consecutive spawning of lazy headhunter squads

Started by Kampfkrapfn

Large Drone counts using excessive bandwidth.

Started by solarisfire


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