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How to use the Bug Reporter: Steps to Reproduce

Started by koonschi

Read This First

Started by koonschi

Normal Topic

Started by Hunter_AGE

Alliance cannot use "trade guild beacon" from an allied faction

Started by Gorbald

Missing Titanium Reflector Blocks

Started by IcoHarbinger

Server Frame Lags

Started by PacothePig

AI captains cannot fight effectively, especially using railguns

Started by Gorbald

FREE CREDITS Trading posts generating free money

Started by DoorsMonster

NPC's hailed me for stolen goods in a sector I owned that they owned previously

Started by Rashuga

AI Mining ships arent mining

Started by Worthiestnobody

The laser weapons are silent

Started by deep

Strange Bug Causing Server Disconnects Upon Entering A Certain Sector

Started by Naevera

Alliance ship cannot buy from alliance factories

Started by Gorbald

Incorrect low memory warning on linux

Started by gabranth

LogoutInvincibility not working with shields

Started by Hammelpilaw

[NotABug] createDirectory() not working on client side

Started by Hammelpilaw

AI Boss behavior and Radar upgrade loot drop rate [Beta 0.26]

Started by Browar

Headhunters spawn bug when getting nearest faction

Started by Rinart73

Boarding Mine Doesn't Allow You To Rebuild A Mine

Started by EVWeb

Avorion uses mixed slahes on Windows and this breaks scripts

Started by Rinart73


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