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How to use the Bug Reporter: Steps to Reproduce

Started by koonschi

Read This First

Started by koonschi

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connection lost on singleplayer

Started by NexGenration

[0.20.3 beta] Memory leak

Started by Salminar

Two strange things on my game.

Started by Salminar

Half FPS when having Sound Device errors & 'FPS limit' set

Started by Setsuni

A way to dupe turrets by selling them (with fix)

Started by Rinart73

I just flew a fighter.

Started by Nachtu

Cant join Galaxy

Started by viper14lk

Mine in chat

Started by Sir Charles

No true relation change on faction war

Started by Kamo

Network change after offline possibly causes disconnection in single player

Started by riess

Horrible Windows-10 related issues

Started by Kamo « 1 2 »

3 million damage MAD scientist

Started by DoorsMonster

[0.20.2 beta] AI Issues

Started by Hellsmith

Searching for nothing marks everything

Started by Sir Charles

Bug (Sever Crashes / Hangs) on new beta (Update from previous beta version)

Started by naturebooster

Stolen goods become normal by dropping them

Started by Sir Charles

Beta Bug regarding Turret Groups

Started by BlazeTheFox

Salvaging ships go away when told to attack

Started by Kamo


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