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How to use the Bug Reporter: Steps to Reproduce

Started by koonschi

Read This First

Started by koonschi

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Building BUG (Exploit) - Blocks stacking

Started by WaspLV

Cannot get transporter blocks/modules to function

Started by icycooladdict

beta 0.21 Figters wont loot the Raw ore.

Started by zila123

Economy Bug

Started by Morok

[0.20.5] Crew menu & transfer crew - textfield issues

Started by Hammelpilaw

Fighters go through jump gates if they happen to be in their flight path.

Started by Halfton

Ship set Escort me goes back to starting

Started by Gamer Senpai

0.21 Beta - crash upon exiting turret designer

Started by bentguru

Turret Autotargeting often times doesnt work for mining

Started by Pain12345

Cannot interact with galaxy map

Started by struct_Nitori

avorion.exe not shuts down upon exit

Started by maxfire

[0.20.3 beta] Memory leak

Started by Salminar

Building bug

Started by SuperEpic3

[0.20.3 beta] AND Live branch Design window performance drop

Started by ComfyDema

[0.20.3 Beta] Loop command problem

Started by Pino

connection lost on singleplayer

Started by NexGenration

Two strange things on my game.

Started by Salminar

Half FPS when having Sound Device errors & 'FPS limit' set

Started by Setsuni


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