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How to use the Bug Reporter: Steps to Reproduce

Started by koonschi

Read This First

Started by koonschi

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Main menu UI Bug

Started by FinZeroZoom

Ship cast outside the sector boundry

Started by DextorPlays

[0.29.6] Unscrollable combo box

Started by Rinart73


Started by angrycustomer

0.30 Burst Fire is broken

Started by deadok

0.29.6 Server crash.. running on Linux.

Started by Scottworld

0.30 OP Cannon Ships

Started by icycooladdict

Horrible FPS In Game

Started by BeBox

0.29.5 Continues to use massive amounts of outgoing bandwidth per player.

Started by Goshen

0.29.6 Enemy ships turrets numbers + railgun damage too high + Miners stalling

Started by Demios

[0.30] Crash on Abandon Urgent Delivery Mission

Started by icycooladdict

commanding your scout

Started by Kostriktor

0.30 Merchant achievement unlocked by upgrading ship

Started by skavn

Operation Exodus becoming impossible to complete

Started by Neotician

camera in build screen doesn't rotate or won't stop rotating.

Started by oriondean

v28.1 Npc doesn't visit sector anymore

Started by Critaa

Free mine inputs, overlaying ship avatar, boarded ship wrong faction, etc.

Started by Coyote

[0.29] Out Of Sector Ships Lose or Clear Command

Started by icycooladdict


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