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How to use the Bug Reporter: Steps to Reproduce

Started by koonschi

Read This First

Started by koonschi

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Incorrect low memory warning on linux

Started by gabranth

Severe exploit to quickly get maximum resources in latest version, on any server

Started by General Inaptitude

Crashing to desktop at total random.

Started by SnakeWildlife

Gates can travel through gates

Started by Rinart73

Wormhole to the Core respawns after being deleted

Started by Rinart73

[0.21.4] NPC miners are being spawned without captains

Started by Rinart73

Wormhole 'enabled' resets - bug or undocumented behavior?

Started by Rinart73

entitydbg.lua - 'Planetary Trading Post' has no goods

Started by Rinart73

Dialog title goes out of dialog window (needs scaling)

Started by Rinart73

Out of sector activity stops

Started by Mango Benuse

log file reporting stream is not sending a file(updated)

Started by chronoss2008

Missing icons

Started by Simahn

5 Point Defense Cannons combine into a Chaingun?

Started by Thundercraft

Another Turret Factory exploit - build turrets with 0 ingredients (with FIX)

Started by Rinart73

modify entire ship... button + no color = doesn't work

Started by Ganjavinchi

Game Won't Launch

Started by killgore54

Building BUG (Exploit) - Blocks stacking

Started by WaspLV

Cannot get transporter blocks/modules to function

Started by icycooladdict


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