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Announcement: Entity.index Changes!

Started by koonschi

[Mod Info] Which Mods Are Supported This Patch? [0.19] [BETA 0.20.3]

Started by Shrooblord « 1 2 3 »

Read This First

Started by koonschi

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Anyone know the mod that give the command mine/salvage all?

Started by Knightoout

[MOD] Automated Regular Asteroid Mining (v0.21.4 r15002)

Started by BangL

Acuddle's minimods (NPC wraparound hotfix here!)

Started by Kamo

Mod Request

Started by fallensungaming

[MOD] Sector Overview - continued - 0.21.x

Started by Rinart73

How to mod Lifesteal for weapons to regernate shields.

Started by Maelstrom

Submarine torpedo sonar soundfx

Started by timhj

Anyone know where I can find something about Prod.effort or mats cost of fighter

Started by kewlpatate

[MOD][Plll6] EVE Online Music

Started by DiabloPower

[REQ] / [QUESTION] - quick move to allianceinventory [postponed]

Started by Bailung

Can The Demo Game be Modded with Unity 3d?

Started by AwesomeCronk

Mod request

Started by Gamer Senpai

Avorion complementary documentation

Started by Salminar

Modded entitydbg

Started by Devilkk

mod help

Started by plablo

[Mod Request] Swap Avorion and Naonite Colours or Naonite Hangars

Started by Zasso

explosions ? where to tweak

Started by Serenity424


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