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Getting more Data from Entity

Started by Dr.Allcome

Tough Missions for Military Missions Mod [WIP]

Started by SysGabriel

[Mod Request] Swap Avorion and Naonite Colours or Naonite Hangars

Started by Zasso

[DOCS] Single File API Documentation with Filter

Started by Sandworm

Kollision und Schilde

Started by Destro

Need help to gradually rotate the ship

Started by Rinart73

Is it possible to disable callback action?

Started by DrMasik

[Question/Request] Modding Avorion - Language? Tools? - help

Started by arjmaj

Can't seem to have multiple mods working at once.

Started by Komb

Elegant way to change weaponery projectile color

Started by Serenity424

How to get ship Entity from turret Entity?

Started by Rinart73

Mod: Request Transfer Torpedos from ship to ship/ send torpedoes via pm

Started by Luzivras

Simple Avorion XML Editor

Started by mostbrilliant1

Modded entitydbg

Started by Devilkk

[MOD] Founding Fixes - correct mine/factory type and translated title

Started by Rinart73

How to rotate and position object?

Started by DrMasik

How to count the number of a specific asteroid in a sector?

Started by Engine

[MOD] Automated Regular Asteroid Mining (v0.21.4 r15002)

Started by BangL

Free game

Started by Gusar777

[MOD][0.21x] Mining System Module - Resource Count Matters

Started by docssy


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