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REQ: Faction relations fixer edit/script

Started by montecristo

[Question/Request] Automatic Server Restart Function

Started by c3pu

[REQ][Solved] No More Docking (Allow us trade with stations without docking)

Started by Kane Hart

[Question] Change Player's target and reload scripts

Started by shulrak

[Question & Suggestion] Serverside Scripts

Started by ThunderDodge

(REQ) Clear all Wrackages on the Galaxy ?

Started by Tarantel

Upgrade stations - number of items sold

Started by LordHavoc

[Request] Mod to toggle crew pay

Started by csreades

[Idea] Deployable Turret Mines

Started by LordHavoc

[Suggestion] Mod that will make you miner run away when attacked

Started by Reggiereggie

A smoother engine sound

Started by Excelsior

Modding existing scripts

Started by Tanksy

[Question] Creating/spawning a ship in another sector?

Started by Theoman02

[Question] Is there a way to get a player's current sector?

Started by furyan

[Question/Request] modify ressources/costs

Started by ShaunSchaf

[Mod] Questions on how to proceed with modding fighters

Started by Dahak

Scripting, custom UI windows

Started by jimutt

When you attempt to play around with the Lua Script Files

Started by Kane Hart

Is there any kind of info on modding api documentation?

Started by Kane Hart

add more turrets to own ship

Started by trc13


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