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Nav Computer Editing calculation time or removing completely

Started by chesiq

[QUESTION] Can I increase the amount of claimable asteroids?

Started by YeOlde

[REQ] Trade Goods Data

Started by zymm78

[QUESTION] Getting started modding

Started by JayNic

Reducing the effects

Started by zuklegugle

[Req] Ai to defend the sector

Started by Reggiereggie

[REQ] Reverse Vector

Started by JayNic

Edit amount of resource bearing asteroids

Started by KnightNight

[REQ] Freelancer flight style

Started by LordMaddog

[REQ] Mod that allows a player to claim a station or ship that isnt owned

Started by WalMartSkills

How do you list the Entities in a Sector?

Started by drew4452862

Loop through Enums?

Started by Cypher

[Request] If Possible Keep a System open with ship/stations owned by the player.

Started by Kane Hart

Modded Turrets

Started by Kage

[REQ] Regenerate or reset asteroids?

Started by kurikaktus

Is there a console? trying to figure out what Sector() returns

Started by drew4452862

Mod to increase warp gate capacity?

Started by gorre9090

Minor Mining M-...improvements

Started by bit

[TOOL]Mods Patch Generate & Apply

Started by MMaster

Req:[mod] See your number of sales/buys

Started by Butzen


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