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[Mod] New goods logistics

Started by Baridor

[MOD] System Control v1.02

Started by Multirez « 1 2 »

[Mod] [Multiplayer/Singleplayer] Larger Asteroids

Started by rater193

[MOD] Goods Hauler (Automatically buy/sell/move goods!)

Started by Splutty « 1 2 3 ... 8 »

[MOD] Rename Ships - 1.1.3

Started by Shrooblord « 1 2 »

[Ext]Ship converter

Started by Korenos « 1 2 3 4 »

How to mod Lifesteal for weapons to regernate shields.

Started by Maelstrom

[MOD] Mothballing

Started by darkconsole

[MOD] Let miners farm regular asteroids (vers 1.0)

Started by DestroNK

Anyone know where I can find something about Prod.effort or mats cost of fighter

Started by kewlpatate

Bigger is Better Main Topic

Started by Fenrir

Avorion complementary documentation

Started by Salminar

Mod Request

Started by fallensungaming


Started by thebuilderofdoom

Can't seem to have multiple mods working at once.

Started by Komb

[MOD]better mining and salvage turrets with extended range

Started by weedworm31

[MOD] [WIP] GTTS:It's Coming...

Started by Shrooblord

[MOD] Simple Asteroid Respawner

Started by Laserzwei

[Mod Request] Swap Avorion and Naonite Colours or Naonite Hangars

Started by Zasso

[MOD] Customized turret spawn command(Create your own turret!)

Started by nutnnut


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