Troubleshooting  - This board is meant for any problems you encounter in using Avorion or the server software.  Moderator: thedamngod.

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Read This First

Started by koonschi

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FPS dips troublesolving and editing game files

Started by Uzkul

Resolved: Cant connect to local Server after weird glitch - broken savegame?

Started by s3z

NPC stations have stock 0/0 and I can't buy or sell to them.

Started by g0regrind

merging any two blocks removes all custom turrets from the turret bases

Started by motorbit

FPS issues

Started by nothe

Big-ish server, server software looks to be the cause, please help

Started by BloodyIron

Stations Disappearing

Started by uh82cit

Avorion Dedicated Server Linux - Cash after Player(admin)-Game Quit/Logout

Started by Rebell_X

Problem using hosted server ... ping starts at 55 then increases to 2200+

Started by Cosian

[SOLVED] Server seems to ignore parts of server.ini

Started by juleztb

Avorio Server

Started by trej1

Regular crashes

Started by richardp

Multiplayer - Server unreachable - Dedicated hosting using steam networking

Started by Simyo

Mouse/ Curser will not move

Started by Unclecracker « 1 2 »

Fps issues.

Started by xaropalis

The C43 Object Detector is buggy

Started by Sivarra

Server shows unreachable both locally and externally

Started by awfulcitizen

1.0 Smooth as glass, 1.0 Hotfix unplayable

Started by Sivarra

Fps "capped"

Started by Bepine


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