Troubleshooting  - This board is meant for any problems you encounter in using Avorion or the server software.  Moderator: thedamngod.

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Read This First

Started by koonschi

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Server Crash hang of at leas 30 secoonds server Beta 0.29.6

Started by gibnieauf

Fps issues.

Started by xaropalis

Jump in other sector instand dead

Started by FritzHugo3

Dedicated Server - Server hangs related to build mode?

Started by larsepan

Rescouces not showing

Started by Suifeng11252

Linux StemCMD can't update server.

Started by DrMasik

Missing Mail

Started by Nakinto

Graphic issue

Started by Archonious

Non-Friended Steam-based clients can't connect to dedicated Linux server?

Started by FlakMagnet

Can't connect to dedicated server on own computer

Started by dustandenton

Steam Workshop not working

Started by Modafoca1968

Alliance pirates can not pick up their own loot.

Started by Sir Charles

Avorion not starting due to opengl error (Error not in the forums)

Started by Nikodga

Multiple crashes on singleplayer

Started by Elikabu

Connection Lost: No Response From Server

Started by Naevera

Home sector completely empty after server crash

Started by Roderik

Immediate Crash

Started by Dinoman9877

That Multiplayer Loading Issue

Started by Naevera

Server langs, too high latency

Started by Surander


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