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Read This First

Started by koonschi

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Extremely Laggy Alliance Menu

Started by ImaTarget

"avorionserver.exe has stopped working" upon starting singleplayer universe.

Started by Animefan162a

"Escort me" ships not warping when I do

Started by NathanS48

/admin not adding admin? admin.xml overwritten each game restart?

Started by douglasg14b


Started by matoo

0.5 Starting problems

Started by MrFionor

18 FPS on a rig that should rock at least 60

Started by ahddib

a few issues and a couple questions

Started by kamoose

A player can not connect after server crash- "Internal server Error"

Started by halldinen

Abbhorent with my own alliance?

Started by Brianbear

About turrets

Started by Vwhdfd

accidently changed video card settings

Started by umfpax

Admin command not working

Started by DareWizord

Admin.xml overwrites changes, i took out the --admin

Started by NewGuy66

AI Ships Stuck

Started by Phyne

All Gates busted [Solved]

Started by cmdr_feklhr

Alliance pirates can not pick up their own loot.

Started by Sir Charles

Although ship was reported to be destroyed, ship was not destroyed.

Started by struct_Nitori

An exception occurred: JPEG images are not supported

Started by JayDubsBlockCaptain


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