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Cant join my own game.

Started by Torero

Unable to join Multiplayer

Started by MrSolve

Mining Laser issues: range only firing at .65km range

Started by seumas

NPC faction strength balancing

Started by Zoratan

Friend can only jump once on my server

Started by Timendainum

server behind firewall opens random listen port?

Started by ossipetz

Soft crash on loading, can't find reason

Started by NerArth

Game crash when working with Turrets (Build Mod or Research Station)

Started by Grandirus

Bandicam breaks the avorion render

Started by Toys0125

I kicked myself out of my own ship... ("This craft has no owner")

Started by MWire

Crash to Desktop - Semi-random but Often

Started by Squeesher

Product Chain (only 3 slots per factory)

Started by Protophim

Dedicated Windows Server ned over 5 minutes to load

Started by Messiahs

Game wont work after update 0.16.1

Started by Grandirus

Game wont launch on Ubuntu

Started by Growlkore

Unable to load saved ships in multiplayer. Please help!

Started by debikichi

Abbhorent with my own alliance?

Started by Brianbear

Weird Error moving tab windows

Started by Lestat9

[Online] Massive lag (400000+ ms) when there are fighters in the sector

Started by yazisiz

Salvage AI Salvages intact stations

Started by ignatz


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