Author Topic: Where is the Moderator and Devs on line but not comments  (Read 664 times)


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SO I bought this game and love it and already have logged 117 hours.  Great job guys good concept and lots of room for growth.

But I am going to tell you right now the board not being commented on and the moderator not commenting in what 14 days.. DOES NOT WORK. 

This is the absolute #1 way that Alpha into Beta games seem to behave over and over and the communication with the community gets lost along the way.  DO NOT let that happen to this game. 

I get that the plate is full and much is to be done.  But set aside 30 minutes a day and answer 10 questions with serious thoughtful replies and reap the rewards from a community that appreciate your interactions.

Moderator gone on vacation or whatever happened there get somebody to fill in or at least say HEY.  Gonna be gone on vacation with wife kids hamster dog and turnips.  Be informative but don't tell your life story.  I am writing this from experience you can look at my game list and see this is not the first starter game Im in or the last.  IT does seem though that at some point somebody always has to start a thread like this.


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on: August 14, 2017, 07:58:19 PM
Not the first thread or discussion about this but I totally agree.

Even if it's not daily, there should be made time for this weekly to answer the serious questions and  at least once a month to update us about the development process, even when development is going slow. I still remember the first two months after launch where Koonschi was directly involved and answered a lot of questions, it seems like his interest and motivation dropped hard since then.

It takes just a little effort and a small step out of your comfort zone to turn the tide around.

This way you keep the community involved and interested, unlike now where more than 90% of the player base (or registered accounts on this forum) lost interest..

But sure, if you don't care about the dwindling interest or decreased sales, then go on with this charade :)
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