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on: July 13, 2017, 05:17:09 AM
Last night I made a ships that acts as a mobile station that follows me around the verse. It sits stationary when in sector but has a huge amount of cargo space. We then went into a pirate faction system and began burning that motha f*cka to the ground. As we did so we collected all the station drops and deposited it into the "mobile station" using a equally large freighter and logged for the night when we were finished.

Today I logged in to begin to de-brand the loot, and begin to sell it... I think its the last time I will ever do this the way it works now.

1. When you go to transfer cargo you cannot see what it is you want to transfer until you hover over it. Nor can you see the weight of the the item(s) or the capacity of the receiving ship.

IMO: Display the items in the cargo without hovering over them while being inside the trading cargo window, and be much clearer with M3 capacities.

2. If you close the trading window your ship selection de-selects the ship your trading with and reverts to the ship your flying causing you to re-select the other ship every time.

IMO: Having it revert to the ship you were selecting would save a lot of clicking.

3. When you have a trading subsystem fitted on your ship you have to look through upwards of 5-10 pages of potential sell orders. Then you have to look through the inventory your ship is carrying to find out if you have what they want, which is the same way if you're carrying lots of stuff. This is a very time consuming process, because you have to basically go item by item, swapping between the inventory and trade windows to find out who needs what in system and compare it against what you have. Refer to #1 as you also have to hover over the inventory item to find out what exactly it is you're carrying in the transfer inventory window, and refer to #2 as you also have to re-select the ship you are transferring cargo with.

IMO: Smaller font to allow more items to be listed in a single page. Or develop a more robust trading window that compares what you are carrying against what is asked for in sector to eliminate the 1 for 1 item deduction.

EDIT TLDR: Make 3 ships. 1 as a mock station to unload large amounts of stolen cargo, 2 as a freighter to jump into system and scoop said dank loot, 3 a combat ship to get the dank loot. After you are finished filling that mock station, let me know how it was to sell the dank loot.
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