Author Topic: [MOD] Customized turret spawn command(Create your own turret!)  (Read 9251 times)


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Disclaimer: the original creator of this command is Aki from

Spoiler: show

Super cannon and ultra rapid fire chainguns are no longer a dream :D

/inventory turretinw <type> [rarity] [material] [tech] [amount] [size] [dps] [range/acc] [firerate] [turn] [heat/energy]
Spawn random turret, then apply multiplier modifications

All are multiplier, use 1 when you do not wish to change them.
size -> determine turret size, beam/projectile size, weapon recoil
dps -> determine damage per shot/tick, beam size, projectile size and velocity, weapon recoil, weapon size
range/acc -> determine range (will increase projectile lifetime and not velocity), also affect accuracy
firerate -> determine firerate/beam tickrate
turn -> determine turret turn rate (good for those pesky fighters swarming you, 2 is recommended for any turret)
heat -> determine heat per shot and cooling per second, determine energy increase per second if it is an energy weapon. For some reason values may become negative and i do not know why, please let me know if you do.

/inventory myturret <type> [rarity] [material] [tech] [amount]
Spawn fully customized turret

See edit.png and edit2.png in download link, should be self explanatory. But feel free to ask.
Number of barrel and crew requirement are not yet available as I do now know how to change them

1. Install the command pack from the link
2. Download my inventory.lua from
3. Replace my inventory.lua in Avorion\data\scripts\commands
4. See usage above and enjoy
5. Give Feedbacks :D

Patch Note:
-DPS now only affect recoil by sqrt(dps) instead of 1xdps
-DPS no longer modify recoil in my command (I later found out that the game automatically does this)
-Added fully customization of turret(require you to edit a text file)

Known Bugs:
-Glitchy turret graphic when changing size, i do not know how to fix this
-Turrets sometime will not deal damage, probably engine fault, avoid by not using crazy high dmg/range/firerate

Please see installation as this command has a prerequisite
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I am looking for the variable that control weapon sound volume, if anyone know how to change this please let me know.


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Re: [MOD] Customized turret spawn command(Create your own turret!)
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Thank You for this and I'm just starting to use/try it out.
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Re: [MOD] Customized turret spawn command(Create your own turret!)
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Is it possible to add a line to the custom turret setting to allow for slot size change? I have changed the size of these chainguns and re-spawned a stack dozens of times but can't get it to take 2 slots (ideally on a size 2 turret) and will always take 3, even with a 0.5 gun, this also appeared the case when faffing with damage and stuff but I didnt check that, I was too busy aiming for a 10km range 150dmg(per shot) chaingun and didnt spot my slot problem til after.

*Further update* After cutting losses, and realising that the station i could buy back the single barreled ones I spawned from was... well... in my way during a pirate attack... I had to spawn another set, 4 sets in I get another single barreled set, but this time I notice that 2 of the 4 sets have 2 slot use, not 3, so not sure if that helps, but I still have no idea why none of the others I done earlier came out that way...
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