Author Topic: Overall low fps and blackscreen on resolution change  (Read 756 times)


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on: September 17, 2017, 07:05:48 PM
Im running the game with everything on low and im getting between 15-35 fps, im running it on a ge72 2qd apache pro, when i tried to change the resolution, now whenever i launch the game i get a black screen, any suggestions?
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on: September 18, 2017, 10:47:56 AM
Check your video setting for which window mode you're using (Fullscreen, Border, Borderless). I experienced this issue on my gaming laptop when I was messing with the settings. I've found the game runs best in Windowed Borderless so I use that on my PC but it will only run in fullscreen on my laptop. Also, make sure you've selected the right resolution for your monitor.

Since you probably can't view the in-game settings at the moment, exit the game and go to:
and open the "settings.ini" file with notepad.

Scroll down to the [UI] (user interface) section and find the variable "windowMode"

Try changing the number to 0. If it is already 0, try 1 or 2 and see if you can get the game to launch.

Verify the variables "resolutionX" and "resolutionY" match your monitor's resolution too.

If this doesn't work, try moving the settings.ini file to your desktop and delete it from the Avorion folder. I believe doing this will cause the game to create a new default settings.ini file when you go to launch the game (if it doesn't then you have the copy saved on the desktop and you can put it back :P ).

Again, this is still a bug to be addressed during development but hopefully this information will get your game working for now!


As far as your FPS, is this when you are playing singleplayer or multiplayer? What are your computer specs, specifically:
- Amount of RAM
- Processor

It appears your laptop has a GTX960M with 2GB of DDR5. Hopefully you have atleast 8GB and a quad-core processor in your machine (per Avorion's recommended Steam requirements).

When I play singleplayer on my gaming laptop I get terrible frames compared to multiplayer. If you're on singleplayer I'd recommend joining a server that you have good ping with or paying to host your own private one and seeing if that improves things for you. I'm not sure what the server-client workload distribution for Avorion is but when you're on singleplayer your computer has to do ALL of the calculations which will slow it down. As a sandbox game you're going to inherently have many more calculations to render the physics and graphics of all the objects than if you were playing a first-person-shooter running around in a static map where the main calculations are bullets from a few weapons with relation to player positions. Typically you're going to want to move to a desktop to get the power required for buttery-smooth 60fps gaming in sandbox games. Granted there will still be more optimization for this game and the multi-threading update has helped as well.
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