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death dealah

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on: February 05, 2018, 06:51:08 AM
Tired of some of the unnecessary "rules" of the other servers I decided I would make my own, and it would have.. well you know the meme.

* Casino Gambling (of course)
* Welcome Email (free stuffs!)
* Adv Shipyards
* Carrier Commands
* ShipScript Loader
* PvpSecure
* Detailed TurretTooltips
* No Enemy AI fighters
* Galaxy Enemy Mod
* Regenerative asteroids
* /sethome command added for players
* Added Cocaine and Escorts Goods for trade
* Threat Levels and modified Event Timers for balance
* Exotic and Legendary Turrets can be crafted in factory
* Increased power to vanilla Cannons
* Mining System upgrade to highlight asteroids ~20km+ away
* Survival System and Robotic Crew ship systems added for balance

1.  Robotic Crew - Adds a bonus amount of crew workforce to Engineers/Mechanics/Gunners for increased efficiency + bonus efficiency.  This does NOT add to  your total crew count so it will not make you go over as far as crew capacity is concernced. This system scales with rarity.

2.  Survival System - Adds these bonuses:
    Battery Energy Capacity +150%
    Battery Recharge Rate +200%
    Generated Energy +50%
    Acceleration +500%
    Hyperspace Cooldown -50%
    Hyperspace Recharge Energy -25%
    Radar Range +1
    Deep Scan Range +1
    Scanner Range +200%
    Shield Durability +100%
Upon Depletion: Recharges 50% of shield,  Effect can only occur every 5mins

    Adds Slots for armed and unarmed turrets +1
I will add more as I get suggestions and have time to upload them.  I will be taking any volunteers that wish to help me as a mod on the server (kick/ban unruly guests)

I only have 3 Rules i wish to play by:
1. Don't blow up stations (they currently dont respawn)
2. Dont try and live in 0.0
3. (probably should be number 1) Don't Be a dick

easy enough

I've included a modpack for easy installation of the mods this server uses. (just unpack)

Also Everyone spawns in the same sector, i have built a big casino there with some OP Police ships to keep people safe at home.  This is mainly to help beginners and those not familiar with how to deal with these types enemies.

Server IP:
Population: 10 (will increase if server gets popular)
Collision: Off
Difficulty: Insane

IDK how to post pics but i thought you guys might like it:

Get the Modpack here: v1.4.1

Google Drive download
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on: February 12, 2018, 02:33:21 AM
Good mod pack, I look forward to seeing more people on here :)