Author Topic: Beta Branch Patch 0.18 Patchnotes - Combat Update pt. II  (Read 1099 times)


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on: July 11, 2018, 10:12:50 PM
My negative opinions on the new "black flag" behind the collected Resources and error messages have already been voiced in the thread Hammelpilaw linked to in his post right above this one, so I won't repeat them.

I did want to weigh in on the matter in this topic too. The new black flag is obnoxious. Please reconsider it.


Another remark: I used to be able to go into Build Mode, edit the Scale and Grid sizes, go out of BM, and return to BM, and the values would be "remembered". The only thing that would reset them was if I exited the game and loaded the game again.

However, now, that functionality has changed. Every time you enter Build Mode, the values are reset to 0.5 for each. This is rather annoying, as I prefer working at 0.25 for both most of the time.


Otherwise, I love most of the things in the newest updates, including the icon you see on Captained AI craft so you see what they're up to, and the turret designing feature. Especially the latter is fantastic! I've created a classic 90s "floating laser turret" with a head that's slightly detached from the base and floats in mid-air. If you create it at a larger scale, then use it on a base that's too small and scale it down, the effect will be exaggerated and will be even better. Good stuff!