Author Topic: Exploitable behaviour in turret crafting and selling earning billions  (Read 300 times)


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As reported numerous times but 0 response from any dev I am reporting this again in public.

Most  experienced players are aware of the broken mechanics of crafting and selling turrets.

Due to certain turret factories making certain turrets that are worth a lot more when sold than the costs for crafting.

This is probably due to a fault in the RNG calculculations of turrets and their value.

Seems to happen mostly to Tesla and Force turrets but have had reports of other types aswell.

For a way to reproduce, see this thread:,4775

A request from modders would be to open this up in the API and give us the tools to balance it ourselves if the devs don't feel like putting effort in it.
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Its indeed to fast to just built them, as it is a bit rediculous... maybe add a small built time/turret, wich increases with rarity?
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